Mar. 25th, 2015 09:12 am
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So...you've come wandering my way ...and you think you're ready for the ride?

I guess you should know some stuff about me. )

Okay...that's out of the way. What's next?

I'm a right opinionated wench when it comes right down to it )

I can be quite foul from time to time. )

Speaking of the Sex )

What? There's more? )

Maybe I should finish this off with a handful of random bits. )

Okay...that's enough for now I think. Talk to me...tell me about you. I'm leaving this at the top of my journal for a while...so folks can see it as they wander in.

Welcome to the crazy...
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So it occurs to me that I have largely forgotten about posting here again. I think about it now and then, but get distracted.

So, two different people reminded me today, and here I am.

I flail uncontrollably because my life is CRAZY.

cut for rambling about gigs and cons and crazy )

In other evidence that my life is crazy, I continue working on videos for Mr. Carlson. I'm using pictures now that are crowdsourced, as sent to him by fans, as well as pics he's provided and pics from my own sizable collection. So...if you have any good pics of Steve languishing about on your hard drive, slap your credit on the bottom and send it my way.

To see the work I've done so far, check out Rocking Chair Entertainment's You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnp3SMiLP_WCdEcKhw-qcZw

Okay...what else? Hmmm...I seem to have lost my train of thought.....I know return you to your regularly scheduled Saturday...
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I've been bad about writing lately. And not just here. In general. My writing has dwindled to a few hundred words a day. There are reasons, but still.

I am working on some new original fic, if I can ever get Brain to give me actual story instead of just back story and world building. And, I have a few fan fic bits started that I will finish eventually.

However, what's been eating up a lot of my time is something I never thought I'd get into.

Wherein I blather on about the oddity that is my life. )
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This weekend, in Pasadena California was the Pasadena International Film Festival, where, on Saturday afternoon, Steve Carlson's movie about the making of his last CD was premiered.

I had the very good fortune to be able to attend, as well as being able to be a part of the R&R Caravan that accompanied it.

This is my second caravan weekend, and while it was a shortened version of the weekend I went to in Dallas last year, it was just as much fun, if not more.

Wherein I ramble on about awesome and amazing weekend of awesome and amazing... )
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...where have I been? Um...just crazy busy with life. Work continues to be amazing. Life outside of work continues to be amazing. Published my mainstream novel in January, it's available as an ebook on Smashwords and other places, and as a physical book on Amazon and B&N.

Headed to the Pasadena International Film festival this coming weekend to see Steve Carlson's "Different Town"...it will be the first year in 13 that I haven't been at Pantheacon. I will miss it, but I'm very glad I didn't commit to anything for P-Con. I had given thought to throwing my hat in the ring a few times, but something kept holding me back. It's not every day you get invited to go to a movie premiere, so I would have had to back out of any commitments I had made.

I should get busy with the work thing.

Let's play a game. Answer the following, and I'll write you a snippet of something. Try to keep to one word answers where possible.

A) Fandom or Original (name the fandom)
B) Color
C) Time of Day
D) Rating (G-NC-17)
E) Object of Interest or cause of peril
F) Words to include:
1) Five Nouns
2) Three Verbs
3) Two Adjectives
1) Adverb
G) To Angst or not to Angst?
H) Dip it in the crack bin?
I) Location

Have a wonderful Monday, y'all!


Jan. 18th, 2014 01:08 pm
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[personal profile] badfalcon said I had to post.

So. Hi. This is me. Posting.

I was going to say I have nothing to say. But that isn't fully true. I continue to love, love, LOVE my job. It is awesome and amazing. Even when it's stressful.

I am headed to Phoenix this friday to see The Great Gig in the Sky again, and spend a little time with my drummer and his wife and their new baby, Roan Micah...and then down to Tucson to see my daddy and my Lisa.

Oh, and yeah...so, my new year started with finally publishing the novel I've worked on off and on for....a very long time.

You can find the physical paperback on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Forever-Natalie-J-Case/dp/1494867826/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1389062714&sr=8-1&keywords=Natalie+J+Case

You can also get the Kindle version there.

Or, if you want to improve my profits (same price to you, I just get more of it) for your e-book copy, head on over to Smashwords, wehre you can pick it up in various e-book formats, including for Kindle: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/394079

Want a little taste of it before you go buy? )

Are you happy now, [personal profile] badfalcon?
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Some things about today.

1) I am cold.
2) I am decidedly female, and not completely amused by this (TOM TMI)
3) I seem to be having difficulty focusing
4) I take a lot of pictures.
5) It is quiet in here...except for the sound of the leaf blower and the bells at the school nearby.
6) Brain says someone should die. She isn't sure who or why or how.
7) Brain also thinks it's time for porn. We haven't written porn in far too long.
8) Brain also seems to be rambling an awful lot about Eliot Spencer. I'm largely ignoring her.
9) Muses are strange.
10) I should try to find some focus so I can actually finish something for work.
11) I want my yarn to come so I can start on projects
12) Boobies.
13) There should be more unicorns in stuff. Like, I want them to just show up places.
14) Not just wussy, happy unicorns either. Big, Bad-Ass black ones with attitude.
15) Also? Can I has a Thor?
16) And a Daniel?
17) And a Daddy?
18) Whoa...that would be an odd mix right there.
19) No, Daddy, you still can not have a Daniel.
20) The voices in my head are arguing with me.
21) There is a decided lack of shenanigans in my immediate future.
22) I should pay my rent.
23) oh, I have soup
24) My tea is gone.
25) My toes are cold.

And on that note, I'm back to work...
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So, I was doing three card readings for Facebook peeps, and decided to maybe lay out a full Celtic Cross while considering my upcoming trip.

I'm vaguely terrified by the result, LOL.

Cut for rambling about Major Arcana and the influences the cards are pointing out )
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I leave for London on Tuesday. I think the bulk of the packing is done. I'm down to the stuff I can't pack until it's time to leave.

Wherein I ramble about work stuff... )

Wherein I talk about health and weight stuff )

Now then, on to other things. Samhain is this week. I'm taking the tarot cards with me to England, doing readings for a sale price. 12 month readings usually run $50, but for the next two weeks, I'll do it for $40 (£24.80). Traditional Celtic cross usually $30, on sale at $25 (£15.50). Payment via paypal for email readings. Cash payment in person otherwise. Ping me if you're interested.

Also, my last week there I have some room for photo shoots if you're looking for pictures of you, your family, your pets...maybe that perfect Christmas card shot? Sale price on those too. Half hour mini sessions for $30 (£18.50) for 6 professionally edited digital images. Full hour sessions for $80 (£50.00) for 12 professionally edited digital images. These are both steep discounts.

Okay, on that note....45 minutes from when I started, I finished the 6 oz of yogurt. I guess I should do something functional now.
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7 days from right now, I will be on the ground in London.

I have SOOO much to do before then!

My packing is closing in on done, except for the three or four times I will completely unpack to check my lists and repack....or completely unpack to try something different...etc...

On Monday I have to go pick up my rental lens. Tuesday I work a full day and my house sitter shows. Then I'm off to the airport.

Somewhere in there I need to grab a few things, kitty litter, kitty treats, put some gas in the car...and there's some light housework I should get to (vacuuming, putting laundry away, tidying the living room, taking out the trash, etc).

On top of that there is so much WORK. I am anticipating a few long, long days this week trying to meet a few deadlines.

This vacation is gonna feel sooooo good.
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It's early on a Thursday morning. I'm congested and my ear hurts, my back is cranky and my toes are cold. I have a doctor's appt in a little over and hour and I really should go jump in the shower.


And now, nearly three hours after I started this entry...I've been to the doctor's office, only to discover she is not in the office today and they called the wrong number to tell me. I've been to the store to pick up a few things I've needed and I am back home.

There is Beef Barley in my crock pot cooking. I have last night's American Horror Story to watch. I have a step stool that may in fact allow me to change my light bulbs.

Not bad for only quarter to ten in the morning, no?
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Today is not so good in the pain department....both elbows and wrists and my left knee are all very unhappy and I'm not sure why.

Aside from that though, I'm a pretty happy girl at the moment.

Freya, mighty huntress kitty that she is, has engaged in the defeat of the evil hair-tie and has emerged victorious, leaving it's dead carcass at my feet.

In less than 3 weeks I depart on vacation. (*runs around like a crazy person*)

I am working from home. Finally got my VPN working (silly technology).

There seems to be some random construction happening nearby however....hmmmm....

My apartment is cleaner than it's been since the spring, though I need to clean the kitchen today and I need to get a step stool or something to let me change light bulbs in a couple of rooms. Not that I mind the dark. I seldom turn lights on, honestly.

And I need to put laundry away. This also involves deciding what is going into suit cases and putting it there.

Oh, and for the folks I'll be seeing in Europe...um, what American goodies am I bringing you this time?

I suppose I need to get back to the working portion of my day.

As I posted to FB today, I would like you all to do something for me...well, and for you too.

1) Tell yourself you are worthy of love.
2) Choose to be happy about at least one thing
3) Tell someone else that you love them
4) Choose to stop denying your own strength and beauty
5) Tell me how I can help you on your journey.
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I created my fic journal on DW yesterday and realized today that I might also want to do the same with this one...cause I kind of wanted to post about stuff and I don't do that on my fic journal.

Three weeks from today, I leave for England and ALL the shenanigans!

I'm in a class at work today and I'm freezing.

Still love my job. So. Much. Love. Working from home most days of the week is an awesome thing. I have to come into the office on Fridays, and on days like today when I needed to sit in on this class.

While in England I will also be looking up our shiny new London office, poking my head in to say hi.

Other than that, ALL THE SHENANIGANS!

And now I need to go find something hot to eat to warm me up.

ETA: I meant to post about the whole "new meds" and its effects earlier.

Cut for talk of medical issues, health, weight, etc )

And, in other news, new arm warmers/fingerless gloves came in the mail today. I'm a happy camper!
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Um....yeah, no I don't know why it's been so long. Busy I guess?

I mean, lots of travel. More to come. England is only 32 days away (eek!). Work continues to be amazing, and wonderful and now for an added bonus I get to work from home four days/week. This makes a happy Amara.

I've been going to PT this week in an effort to tame the pain in my shoulders & elbows & back & hip....but that may be coming to an end if I don't get an answer I want from my insurance company today.

I really need to get a new desk and a monitor now that I'm working at home this much. A better chair might be in order too....but all of that will have to wait until I'm back from England.

And on that note, it's time to pack up the lunch and computer and head to the BART. Today is my office day.
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It's been a ridiculously busy couple of weeks.

On Tuesday I saw my new doctor, trying new meds...so far I don't have the "bad" side effects, aside from a mild headache. The "good" ones though are here in full, lack of appetite, eating less, etc.

Friday I had to go do blood work, then eye doctor, then engagement photo shoot. Then I had to drive to Oakland to pick up a package UPS couldn't be bothered to actually deliver.

Saturday it was up early and off to LA for a Steve gig. Sunday we walked around China town, and I bought two old cameras at a shop there. See: http://instagram.com/p/dvryXgIHVN/

In other news, my birthday is around the corner and I'm fundraising on Crowdwise for Heifer International. Click here to view my page All money raised goes to Heifer. I hope you consider contributing.

And...on that note, I need to finish getting ready and get myself out the door.
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Yesterday was my niece's 18th birthday, and what she wanted to do was go ghost hunting. We (my mother and I) have been attempting to set something up for MONTHS with little to no luck.

Finally, we managed to convince the police in Martinez, CA that we are not complete whack jobs and got permission to get into Alhambra cemetery for a few hours just before dark. Unfortunately, no one is allowed in after dark.

Rambling about the cemetery and our  )


Aug. 23rd, 2013 08:28 am
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So...yesterday as I was chatting with [livejournal.com profile] badfalcon and letting Brain ramble, as Brain has a tendency to do, from one idea to the next...a whole SPN/Leverage crossover verse was spawned.

For those who don't know, Brain is my muse. She's...a whole entity unto herself. With her own emotions, a serious dark streak, and her own mind on just about everything.

Wherein I blather about fanfic and Brain and the crossover that spawned yesterday )

In other news, it's Friday. I'm in the office today. I'm feeling a little fragile emotionally today due to extreme PMS.

Also, I posted death fic last night. I know. I know. It's Leverage fic. Just...Brain got it into her head, and it's just better to let her go with it.

And...aside from that....I got nothing.

What about you?
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This week has been a mix of stuff....day-job work, prepping for photography work, researching to try to wring a birthday trip out of the internets, creating a fundraiser to benefit Heifer for my birthday, and helping set up my niece's 18th birthday.

Cut for my rambling rambliness )

In writing news...apparently Brain wasn't done with killing folks. Currently writing a Leverage fic that is all [livejournal.com profile] badfalcon and Brain's fault. I'm hoping after that to run through the fic journal and make a list of all the WIPs I need to finally finish.

Let's talk about you now.

1) How are you doing?
2) Anything new in your life?
3) What music are you listening to?
4) What books are you reading?
5) If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be?

Happy Thursday!


Aug. 16th, 2013 07:52 am
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My life has become a little surreal.

Work stuff )

Speaking of money )

In two weeks, I'll be headed down to LA for the weekend to see Steve Carlson at Hotel Cafe.

In ten weeks, I'll be in Birmingham, UK.

Hard to believe that.

In other news, I have two pairs of boots I would like to sell. They are "Jali Tall Buckle Wide Calf Boots by Comfortview®" that I ordered from Jessica London. I have a pair in brown that are a woman's size 9 and a pair in black that are a woman's size 10. They are wide calf, just not wide enough for my calves.

They look like this:

Currently selling at $69.99 on most websites. Yours for $60 + shipping costs. These have never been worn. I will eventually put them up on E-bay if no one I know wants them.

And now, my breakfast is gone, so I should wash my bowl and get myself back to work.
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I STILL have that damn cold. I made an effort to go into work yesterday, and was told to go home around noon.

By two I was in bed and I slept until 5:30. I got up feeling worse than when I had laid down. Took the last of the cough medicine and some more tylenol & ibuprofen, watched some mindless tv, and headed in to bed around ten.

Sleep was...not happening. I'd doze off, and be awake a half hour later coughing. All night.

Somewhere around the time my alarm went off, I was actually sleeping. Needless to say, I took my boss at her word and turned the alarm off. So, I'm working from home again today. I have to call in to a meeting this afternoon at around 3:30, which should be interesting, as my voice is now more stripped than it was.

In the meantime, I will take it easy, do some editing and possibly nap at some point.

Stupid cold.


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