Dec. 2nd, 2013

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Some things about today.

1) I am cold.
2) I am decidedly female, and not completely amused by this (TOM TMI)
3) I seem to be having difficulty focusing
4) I take a lot of pictures.
5) It is quiet in here...except for the sound of the leaf blower and the bells at the school nearby.
6) Brain says someone should die. She isn't sure who or why or how.
7) Brain also thinks it's time for porn. We haven't written porn in far too long.
8) Brain also seems to be rambling an awful lot about Eliot Spencer. I'm largely ignoring her.
9) Muses are strange.
10) I should try to find some focus so I can actually finish something for work.
11) I want my yarn to come so I can start on projects
12) Boobies.
13) There should be more unicorns in stuff. Like, I want them to just show up places.
14) Not just wussy, happy unicorns either. Big, Bad-Ass black ones with attitude.
15) Also? Can I has a Thor?
16) And a Daniel?
17) And a Daddy?
18) Whoa...that would be an odd mix right there.
19) No, Daddy, you still can not have a Daniel.
20) The voices in my head are arguing with me.
21) There is a decided lack of shenanigans in my immediate future.
22) I should pay my rent.
23) oh, I have soup
24) My tea is gone.
25) My toes are cold.

And on that note, I'm back to work...


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