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Birthdate:Sep 13
Location:California, United States of America
This is me, my journal, my life. It is about me. What I write here is about me and my life. It is not about you. You are welcome to read, comment, agree, disagree....but in the end, these words are a virtual representation of who I am, as honest and open as I know how to be.

So who am I? I am Pagan, Polyamorous, Bi-Sexual, Confident (most of the time), agoraphobic to a degree, a photographer, a writer, a poet, a teacher, a student....and much more...

I am who I am and I make no apologies for being so. I made a promise to myself when I first started communicating via this journal, a promise to boldly cast aside the masks and illusions I have dressed in all my life, and make the attempt to be nakedly honest here. I talk in this journal about all aspects of my life, sometimes elegantly, sometimes coarse and unfiltered.

Its a complex world, and I'm trying to uncomplicate my life, by just being who I am...

Sometimes dull, sometimes silly...always me. I occasionally create new words and appropriate them from others. I've been described as "unabashed" and "painfully honest" at times. And, it may not seem like it, but I don't really post everything there is to know about me here...just the bits I think of at the time.

I am a fangirl, though what and who I am fangirling varies. I am a giggling 16 year old girl with a crush when it comes to Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I am a music lover and that music includes big names and independent artists.

Welcome to my life...

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