Mar. 8th, 2013

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Yesterday, I put on my big girl panties and went to see my eye doctor. I was supposed to go back in September to have my eyes dilated and photographed again since she was a little concerned about the results of those in June. I had to cancel that due to money and stuff.

Finally went yesterday.

Cut for talk of eyes and medical stuff )

So then let's hope that doesn't set a precedent for Tuesday's dentist appt.

In other news, I got my second box from today. The last one was very yummy. This time I have some salt & black pepper pistachios, chili pumpkin and sunflower seeds, fruit & seed flapjacks and something called "my thai" which is a sweet chili dipping sauce with baked soy crackery things.

Today's lunch is veggies and dip because it is also bagel day and I knew I'd get all my day's carbs with breakfast.

I have thinky thoughts about International Women's Day...but not quite ready to articulate them.

It looks like no Jason Manns gig for me in two weeks. This saddens me, but is probably not a bad thing for the money situation.

wherein I ramble about writing )

And really, that's my weekend sorted. House cleaning and writing. All weekend. Preferably in a way that doesn't lead to Saturday's work leaving my Sunday shot because I can't move.

Now you:

1) How often do you actually go see your eye doctor?
2) What about the dentist?
3) What are you very particular about?
4) What's on your desk right now?
5) Moose or Reindeer?
6) Baked potato or french fries?
7) Name a song that makes you stop what you're doing every time you hear it.
8) Name a song that makes you turn up the volume.
9) ROAD TRIP: You and me in a car:
a) Where are We going?
b) What music is playing?
c) What are we doing when we get there?
d) Dinosaurs on the side of the road: stopping or not?
e) "Scenic Spot" ahead: stopping or not?
f) STRIPPERS: stopping or not?
g) How many hours before we're loopy and silly?
h) Tippy, tippy truck?
i) Muppets?
10) Bare feet or slippers?


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