Jan. 22nd, 2013

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There's a guy in my office who is fairly successful, mid-level management, does a pretty good job at his job. HOWEVER, outside of his very set of skills and job-related intelligence, he is among the most airheaded dipshits I have ever come across. Think Riley Smith level, and go down a peg or two. Let's, for the sake of conversation, call him Joe.

wherein I rail about the stupidity of Joe )

And that's how my Tuesday morning started. How's yours?
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Since I didn't add any questions to the last one...let us explore something now...

1) What is your very first memory?
2) Who was your first kiss?
3) How old were you?
4) Can you remember the first time you slept over somewhere that wasn't your own house?
5) What story do your parents tell from your childhood that you know by heart, but don't actually remember?
6) Close your eyes. Think about you as a child. First image that emerges, how old are you? What do you look like? Where are you?
7) Word association: I say _____________, you say______________
a) Orange
b) toilet
c) grape
d) charge
e) stink
f) soda
g) nuts
h) eye
i) Jay
j) let
k) see
l) tape
m) fetish
n) dungeon
o) kid
p) last
q) first
r) rhombus
s) squiggle
t) jello
u) numbers
v) fuck
w) now
x) cell
y) vampire
z) gate

My word association answers here )


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