Jun. 13th, 2013

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No seriously, I started my first full week at this job with a cold. It started Saturday with a sore throat, Sunday I had a nasty cough, Monday I started to get congested. Tuesday my sinuses filled in and the coughing settled deep into my chest. Yesterday I had a runny nose all day plus the rest.

I feel marginally better right now, but I now that by the time the training day is over I will be wiped out. Which is gonna suck, cause I have to go to Pride training tonight. I think 5-hour energy shots will be my friends today.

Training has been slow, but largely due to the language barrier in the room. I'm in a room where the instructor and I are the only native English speakers. The rest of the class is from South Korea.

At least I've been able to jut go home after class all week, which means I'm on the BART by 4 and home by 5 or 5:30, depending on whether I stop on my way home. Ugh. Next week will be better. I will feel better and start actually working rather than training.

Great people watching though.

I may need to start carrying a notebook to write down some of the characters I see. Yesterday there was a girl on the BART with blue hands...like indigo dye, even the nails were deep blue. Then there's the guy in overalls who walks around with a teddy bear tucked into the bib. You just know that there are stories there...or stories to be found there.

I suppose I should get my meds into me and get myself motivated to get out of the house...I kind of just want to crawl back into bed.


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