Feb. 1st, 2013

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I need to remember to stop on my way home and get money orders to pay rent.

I'm thinking I may get out to see Les Mis this weekend finally. Anyone interested in meeting me in Dublin to see it?

Work continues to be annoyingly work like and I have lots to do, which I prefer to having nothing to do.

Wherein I discuss my annoyance at myself for being annoyed at something I feel I shouldn't be annoyed at (but rather sympathetic to) -- discussion of fic and triggers and warnings )

I'm gonna just let it go for the moment though I think. I'll look at it tonight or tomorrow.

In writing news, I'm less than a thousand words into my Dean Winchester/Oliver Queen man pain epicness (needs to be 8000 words). I'm writing in Dean's POV, because I am not certain on my Oliver, and setting it in Oliver's city, but Dean's world, if that makes any sense. I'm thinking it will include a fist fight, a Supernatural baddie, injuries, being trapped in semi-close quarters, distraction sex, big bad fight with baddie, Dean learning some new fight techniques, not to mention sex moves, and goodbye sex. That should cover it, no?

Let's see...what else?

Money continues to be stupid, and while I have a couple of people who want me to do photo shoots for them, none of them seem ready to commit. I need to come up with about $400 between now and February 18th. I'm waiting for one other person who paid for words/pictures to tell me what she wants, but once I'm done with the Dean/Oliver story, I'm free until she does.

So, if anyone wants words or editing, now's a good time for me. You know what I would love? Someone commissioning a big, long juicy Justified story. Or White Collar. Something new and different for me, you know?

How about you tell me what show you're watching that you think I should watch too and why? (doesn't matter if I already watch, I still like to know why you love it)


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