Jan. 31st, 2013

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So...most of the time, I'm happy with my life. I'm single, and largely prefer it that way.

Every now and again, I crave...something. The problem is, I don't want a "boyfriend" or a "girlfriend" really.

cut for me rambling on about dating and idiots and what I want )

Which brings me to questions. Sorry in advance, they're gonna be a little thinky.

I know that I'm not "normal" when it comes to relationships and what I want. So, tell me about your ideal romantic relationship.

1) If you feel comfortable (and I don't already know) are you straight, bi, gay or other?
2) How do you define your approach to romantic relationships? Are you monogamous? Poly?
3) Have you ever been "in love"?
4) Did it work out?
5) Can you love a person and spend time with them and have sex with them without being "In-love"?
6) Are you looking for (or have you found) your "soul mate"?
7) What does that mean for you?
8) Does your relationship define you?
9) Are you a jealous person? Is your SO?

And maybe a few easy ones:

a) Name a color
b) What is your middle name?
c) What is the first nickname you can remember being called?
d) Penguins or Turtles?
e) How do you like your pirates, Disney-fied or realistic?
f) Jeffrey Dean Morgan or John Winchester?
g) Handcuffs or rope?
h) Leather or lace?
i) What is your favorite Popsicle flavor?
j) Do you chew gum?
k) Favorite thing to do on a cold, wet day?
l) Chicken soup or Spaghetti and meatballs
m) Scented lotion or plain?
n) Favorite toy?
o) What is the first thing you can see on your right, right now?
p) What is the first thing near you that is written in pen or pencil? What does it say?
q) Earth, Air, Fire, Water
r) First thing you take off when you get home from work/school?
s) Something you want but do not need.
t) Something true
u) Something made up
v) Something about you
w) Something about me
x) What makes you laugh?
y) Are you a "file as soon as I can" or a "file at the last minute" kind of tax person?
z) Are we done yet?


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