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I've been bad about writing lately. And not just here. In general. My writing has dwindled to a few hundred words a day. There are reasons, but still.

I am working on some new original fic, if I can ever get Brain to give me actual story instead of just back story and world building. And, I have a few fan fic bits started that I will finish eventually.

However, what's been eating up a lot of my time is something I never thought I'd get into.

A few weeks ago, Steve Carlson asked me for a favor. And really, if you know anything about my love for that man, you'd know I wasn't going to say no. Even though it meant new software and learning and trying to balance my need for perfection with speed in getting some stuff done.

See, he wants to put up videos on his You Tube channel of all of his songs with slideshows of pictures. And, because he asked me a few months ago to be his "official" photographer, he wanted me to pick my favorite songs and put together videos with only my pictures to get started. He's put out a request to the fandom for pictures to do other songs, but I've provided him with six to get him started. (Pinata Novia, All that I Ever Wanted, Wasted Jamie, Out Here Alone, Blind and Torch In the Rain).

Yesterday, he started posting them on his You Tube channel.

Here's the first one. I hope you enjoy it.
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