Aug. 16th, 2013 07:52 am
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My life has become a little surreal.

My boss has encouraged me to work from home a lot lately. Of course, the next two week will be heavy in the office, as the entire training team will actually be in town and we have a TON of work to do together.

In addition to re-working our training manuals, it appears I will be developing a sort of "Data Modeling 101" class and writing an assessment for new customers/clients/partners to take before they can sign up for our training. If they don't pass the assessment, they will have to take the data modeling class first.

I'm angling to be the one to deliver that training.

What all the working from home means is money saved....less BART $, less laundry doing, less eating out. All of which are amazing things.

This actually making enough money to live on is pretty awesome. Yesterday was payday. I paid a big chunk payment on my car, paid my cable bill, bought a ridiculous amount of groceries and put money away for the England trip and still had some left over to cover my car needs tomorrow.

Because we use a Commuter Checks program, my BART money is taken out of my paycheck pre-tax. I originally overestimated my needs so for August and September they took $300. I've just adjusted that down to $200 for October. If I continue working from home several days per week, I will adjust it down again.

I set up my PGE bill to autopay. I will be doing the same with my phone and cable as soon as I get back from England, as right now I'm juggling around which paycheck I'm paying what with. Also the car payment.

And, I've worked out money through the end of this year and's kind of insane. I will be opening two Smarty Pig goals when I get back from England and automatically putting money into them every paycheck, plus opening a more traditional savings account to also automatically shuffle money into every paycheck. That's something I haven't been able to do for a very long time.

In two weeks, I'll be headed down to LA for the weekend to see Steve Carlson at Hotel Cafe.

In ten weeks, I'll be in Birmingham, UK.

Hard to believe that.

In other news, I have two pairs of boots I would like to sell. They are "Jali Tall Buckle Wide Calf Boots by Comfortview®" that I ordered from Jessica London. I have a pair in brown that are a woman's size 9 and a pair in black that are a woman's size 10. They are wide calf, just not wide enough for my calves.

They look like this:

Currently selling at $69.99 on most websites. Yours for $60 + shipping costs. These have never been worn. I will eventually put them up on E-bay if no one I know wants them.

And now, my breakfast is gone, so I should wash my bowl and get myself back to work.


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