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ravensword ([personal profile] ravensword) wrote2013-09-03 05:10 am

Crazy Busy Life stuff

It's been a ridiculously busy couple of weeks.

On Tuesday I saw my new doctor, trying new meds...so far I don't have the "bad" side effects, aside from a mild headache. The "good" ones though are here in full, lack of appetite, eating less, etc.

Friday I had to go do blood work, then eye doctor, then engagement photo shoot. Then I had to drive to Oakland to pick up a package UPS couldn't be bothered to actually deliver.

Saturday it was up early and off to LA for a Steve gig. Sunday we walked around China town, and I bought two old cameras at a shop there. See: http://instagram.com/p/dvryXgIHVN/

In other news, my birthday is around the corner and I'm fundraising on Crowdwise for Heifer International. Click here to view my page All money raised goes to Heifer. I hope you consider contributing.

And...on that note, I need to finish getting ready and get myself out the door.