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Sometimes, when I think about my largely failed attempts at what society considers "normal" relationships, I wonder if maybe I'm just wired differently? I mean, even before I discovered my bisexuality and before I'd ever heard of polyamory, my relationships, such as they were, didn't seem to be what everyone else around me seemed to be having.

Wherein I ramble through thoughts about relationships, emotion, identity, love and likely sex... )

In other, less rambling news...I got a letter from my doctor's office yesterday. I haven't opened it yet. I know I need to. I plan to at some point today. I also plan on making dentist and eye doctor appointments today. I do. I just need to...I don't know, make it happen.

I also managed to not eat the entire house last night. I did eat after dinner, and probably later than I should have, but it was all protein, and I made myself do some ab work after. Tonight I will attempt to make myself go to the gym, or maybe try out that work out DVD I was given that apparently even 500 lb people can do.

This taking care of yourself is hard work, yo.

Now it's your turn.

1) What's the hardest part of taking care of YOU?
2) Can I offer you a hug?
3) What is your "exercise routine"?
4) Can you recommend any specific exercise for a woman of 300 lbs or so with serious mobility issues?
5) How about a favorite low-carb recipe?
6) Can I get a hug?
7) Favorite guilty pleasure food?
8) I need a new book. Recommend me something fun, smart, sexy?
9) I need a new writing critique partner for an original work. Vampires, period piece, first person story telling. Interested? (probably a little time sensitive, the story is meant for a contest. I don't have the contest dates yet. Also, mostly looking for "this sucks" and "this works" and "I need more here" kind of stuff. It's already been through two rounds with a writer's group.)
10) Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Yes? I think so.
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So...most of the time, I'm happy with my life. I'm single, and largely prefer it that way.

Every now and again, I crave...something. The problem is, I don't want a "boyfriend" or a "girlfriend" really.

cut for me rambling on about dating and idiots and what I want )

Which brings me to questions. Sorry in advance, they're gonna be a little thinky.

I know that I'm not "normal" when it comes to relationships and what I want. So, tell me about your ideal romantic relationship.

1) If you feel comfortable (and I don't already know) are you straight, bi, gay or other?
2) How do you define your approach to romantic relationships? Are you monogamous? Poly?
3) Have you ever been "in love"?
4) Did it work out?
5) Can you love a person and spend time with them and have sex with them without being "In-love"?
6) Are you looking for (or have you found) your "soul mate"?
7) What does that mean for you?
8) Does your relationship define you?
9) Are you a jealous person? Is your SO?

And maybe a few easy ones:

a) Name a color
b) What is your middle name?
c) What is the first nickname you can remember being called?
d) Penguins or Turtles?
e) How do you like your pirates, Disney-fied or realistic?
f) Jeffrey Dean Morgan or John Winchester?
g) Handcuffs or rope?
h) Leather or lace?
i) What is your favorite Popsicle flavor?
j) Do you chew gum?
k) Favorite thing to do on a cold, wet day?
l) Chicken soup or Spaghetti and meatballs
m) Scented lotion or plain?
n) Favorite toy?
o) What is the first thing you can see on your right, right now?
p) What is the first thing near you that is written in pen or pencil? What does it say?
q) Earth, Air, Fire, Water
r) First thing you take off when you get home from work/school?
s) Something you want but do not need.
t) Something true
u) Something made up
v) Something about you
w) Something about me
x) What makes you laugh?
y) Are you a "file as soon as I can" or a "file at the last minute" kind of tax person?
z) Are we done yet?
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So, I'm having this interesting discussion on the CNN Belief Blog that began as getting one person to tell his story of belief, and sort of segued into a discussion about promiscuity.

And...it got me thinking about how so many "born agains" (mind you, I'm talking about a very specific subset of Christianity, not all of Christianity), talk about their "salvation" they say that before they found god, they were "promiscuous" and for me, that forms a certain opinion in my mind about what they mean. But when pressed for specifics, they mean something very, very different with that word.

Now, I have a pretty good mix of folks reading this journal, from many backgrounds and religious positions, so I thought I'd bring the discussion here too.

1) What is promiscuity to you?
2) Is promiscuity *bad*?
3) Do you apply the term to both men and women? Equally?
4) Does your use of the word rely on your religious belief (or lack thereof)?
5) Is it quantitative or qualitative?
6) Do you consider yourself promiscuous? Anyone you know?
7) Does the act of sex create or maintain some level of intimacy for you?
8) Can you have sex without intimacy?
9) Can you have intimacy without sex?
10) Does the sexual orientation of the person have any bearing on whether they are considered promiscuous?


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