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So it occurs to me that I have largely forgotten about posting here again. I think about it now and then, but get distracted.

So, two different people reminded me today, and here I am.

I flail uncontrollably because my life is CRAZY.

cut for rambling about gigs and cons and crazy )

In other evidence that my life is crazy, I continue working on videos for Mr. Carlson. I'm using pictures now that are crowdsourced, as sent to him by fans, as well as pics he's provided and pics from my own sizable collection. So...if you have any good pics of Steve languishing about on your hard drive, slap your credit on the bottom and send it my way.

To see the work I've done so far, check out Rocking Chair Entertainment's You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnp3SMiLP_WCdEcKhw-qcZw

Okay...what else? Hmmm...I seem to have lost my train of thought.....I know return you to your regularly scheduled Saturday...
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Sorry about falling off the planet again. My gravity boots must be malfunctioning.

So...yeah...new job is awesome. I am loving my work and the people I work with. I had to work from home last week due to the BART strike...but that's been at least postponed until August.

That cold I caught the first week was killer. Nearly three weeks before the cough went away. But away it did finally go.

We are embarking on insanity. On tuesday I decided to go to Tucson for the long weekend to see my [livejournal.com profile] darling_lisa and my dad. Kidnapped my niece and took her with me. We drove down to Tombstone and Bisbee on Friday and drove up Mt Lemon on Saturday after having lunch with my father.

Cut for rambling about the travel to come )

I'm tired just thinking about it.


What else?

Um. Let's see. I'm in training again this week.

And my old job has managed to continue to fuck me over. I was supposed to get my severance check on Friday, delivered via fedex to my new work office. The idiot in payroll didn't put my company name or the suite number on the check, so fedex couldn't deliver it. Hopefully, after calling them, it will be redelivered this morning.

In other news, it was nice to sleep in my own bed last night and cuddle my kitties.

And now, for a random list of random:

1) the view out my window in this training room is nice.
2) my elbow and wrist hurt
3) There is a book next to me with pictures of food on the cover. It is making me hungry.
4) My tea is cold
5) My tummy hasn't been completely happy at all since like Wednesday
6) I love the integration of my voice/email systems at work.
7) This coffee is awful
8) Boobies!
9) Shenanigans!
10) And my hat!
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1) Woke up with a POUNDING headache this morning.
2) Dreams last night included one where I was a bounty hunter, who got secret messages via in-store networks while shopping to alert me to a bounty being in the store. I then grabbed them, put them in my car, then took them somewhere where I stripped them naked and grew a penis so that I could have sex with them, before I threw them in a cave.
3) No. I'm not kidding.
4) I blame the gay porn I was watching last night before going to bed.
5) The afghan I'm making isn't going to work per pattern directions. I will be altering it to work for me.
6) Have pimped Great Gig in the Sky to a fellow lover of Pink Floyd. Blew him away.
7) Friday.
8) Coffee.
9) Shenanigans.
10) Boobies.
11) I continue to be amused when I have to ADD pairings when archiving on AO3. What do you mean no one has written Matt Bomer/Danneel Harris or Matt Bomer/Danneel Harris/Jeffrey Dean Morgan before?
12) I got interesting "hate" mail this week from someone who has a REAL hatred of Danneel and has declared that they will no longer read my stuff because I adore her. Whatever. Bye Bye.
13) Apparently it's cooler to hate someone you will never meet than it is to have a crush on someone who once kissed your boobies. I don't even know.
14) Also, it's also wrong that I have begun talking about/going to see/including in stories the Riley Smith person, based on a different email. Apparently, he's evil and bad and sucks and is a hanger-on-wannabe riding every one's coat tails....or something?
15) [livejournal.com profile] badfalcon, Easy, I already told that crazy person to fuck off.
16) Sixteen doesn't exist.
17) I am very horny.
18) I also blame the gay porn I was watching last night before bed for that.
19) And also, my dreams.
20) The whole penis thing was interesting. I think I liked it.
21) Drink.
22) Monkey.
23) Llama, llama, duck
24) In case you didn't know it, I kinda sorta have a crush on Danneel Harris Ackles
25) It isn't as big as my JDM crush, but then again...what is?
26) MMMMmmmmmm.....Jeffrey Dean Morgan....
27) gimme a second here, I'm still working on 26.
28) I'm back...no, wait...mmmmmm....
29) Where was I?
30) In summary: Penis, Porn, Boobies, Shenanigans, Horny, Danneel, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Happy Friday.


Tell me your Random:

a) Thought
b) Song
c) Book
d) Phrase
e) Word
f) Number
g) Food
h) Dream
i) Date
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Here we are on Friday morning and my allergies are making me crazy. My eyes itch and weep and I look like I'm crying.


wherein I talk of Pirates and Merchants...and tears )


I am up to April 2009 in the archiving process and I stumbled across "Super Pretty Awesome Man and the Orgy Ray" this morning. I forget sometimes just how cracky that shit is.

Also, finding a lot of time stamp bits at this time in history. I really do like doing time stamps. I'd post one, but lately folks haven't been responding to meme like stuff much.

I really need to find a way to come up with another $200 a pay period. My life would be SOOO much easier then.

This weekend's agenda includes a lot of cleaning, some scheduling and writing. The writing will include starting an outline for the non-fiction project as well as work on either the Pirate or the Rysykks. I have a few more things to do with the pictures I took last weekend before I am ready to upload them.

But for now I should get myself to work...

Some questions for you on a Friday:

1) Type the first words that come to mind.
2) Describe the closest person to you.
3) Who is that person?
4) What is the first book you remember reading?
5) What is the last book you remember reading?
6) What is the first book you loved?
7) Are there any books you can read over and over again?
8) 5, 6 or 7?
9) What (or who) inspires you?
10) When was the last time you said "I love you" and to whom did you say it?
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1) It is Tuesday.
2) I actually slept last night
3) It took drugging myself into oblivion, and I'm still a little groggy because of it.
4) Freya tried to "help" me tie my stompy boots. Ow.
5) In my archiving to AO3 project, I have cleared September 2008 and am well into October.
6) Um. There are already 64 Daddy kink fics. I just got to the part fic that introduces Daddy's "Daddy"
7) Holy Fuck I'm verbose
8) Also, kinky, prolific and, in TMI, horny.
9) Also, in this project I keep finding fic I had forgotten I had written.
10) We're having a potluck today at work.
11) I now have a little credit card reader thingy for my phone to use with Paypal. I can now take payments for photo shoots, et al on the fly.
12) I kind of adore how much Rob Thomas apparently loves his dog Ollie.
13) My shoulder still aches.
14) I want bacon.
15) "He's fairly aware of himself, of his naked state, of the feeling of being on display...he shifts nervously, stretching muscles within his restraints, aching to be past this part, to be touched, even if that touch comes at the end of a leather whip."
16) No, I don't know, it just came to me when I started to write.
17) I think I need to pee.
18) I have no brain to mouth filter today. I must have left it home.
19) Boobies & Shenanigans!
20) And my hat (because no list of random is complete without it)

So...how about I start and you finish?

a) Once upon a time ______________________________ with __________________ and ____________________.
b) Seeing as he couldn't _________________________, he figured he was better ___________________________.
c) Promises made ______________________________________________________
d) As cliche as it sounds, ______________________________________________________________.
e) Tomorrow he was ______________________ until ____________________.

And we're off into Tuesday!
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1) Your earphones are more likely to convey music to your ears if you actually plug them in to the music player.
2) I'm glad I live on the west coast and not in Upstate NY any more, judging just by the forecast I saw a few minutes ago.
3) I have the munchies
4) Steve Carlson's "Casual Smile" affects me. IN MY PANTS.
5) There will be shenanigans in April.
5a) April 12-15, will be driving to Phoenix/Tucson area
5b) April 27 & 28, will be going to Dry Creek Passport weekend.
6) I love Marriott points and free night vouchers
7) Men continue to be stupid.

In related news to #7...possibly a little TMI...but then again...not if you know me... )

In news related to #5a )

And now...my lunch break is over...and I need to get back to being busy.
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Since I didn't add any questions to the last one...let us explore something now...

1) What is your very first memory?
2) Who was your first kiss?
3) How old were you?
4) Can you remember the first time you slept over somewhere that wasn't your own house?
5) What story do your parents tell from your childhood that you know by heart, but don't actually remember?
6) Close your eyes. Think about you as a child. First image that emerges, how old are you? What do you look like? Where are you?
7) Word association: I say _____________, you say______________
a) Orange
b) toilet
c) grape
d) charge
e) stink
f) soda
g) nuts
h) eye
i) Jay
j) let
k) see
l) tape
m) fetish
n) dungeon
o) kid
p) last
q) first
r) rhombus
s) squiggle
t) jello
u) numbers
v) fuck
w) now
x) cell
y) vampire
z) gate

My word association answers here )
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Friday morning observations:

1) Coffee tastes better when I can taste it.
2) In 7 days I will be in Phoenix.
3) Holiday cards have begun arriving, thank you [livejournal.com profile] nomadicdragon and [livejournal.com profile] celtprincess13
4) So far my first ever attempt to make a sweater is looking....remarkably like a sweater!
5) I am going to my mommy's this weekend.

Want to ask me stuffs? I like answering random questions, deep thought provoking questions, questions about faith, fandom, family, freedom, fellas, felines....SO!

Pick one of these topics. Ask me five things about it. Or, ask me one thing about each topic.

1) Fandom
2) My past
3) My faith
4) Writing (in general, or specific questions about things I have/am writing)
5) Photography
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It's Friday. It's the last day of November. It's 14 days until I get to see my [livejournal.com profile] darling_lisa.

So lets be happy.

Things that make me happy right now:

a) That stupid water filter commercial where the voice over says, rather gleefully, "happy bananas"...it cracks my shit up every time.
b) New computer
c) Free bagels and stuff at work today.
d) Music.
e) Particularly, Steve Carlson's newest CD at the moment.
f) the Amazing People in my life
g) random memories of ridiculous and ridiculously awesome moments over the last 5 years
h) kitties
i) self reliance
j) randomly spotting Drew Powell on that chevy commercial and thinking about what a wonderful guy he is.
k) he kissed my boob (no, that is never getting old...just roll with it)
l) being able to create wearable things out of what is really little more than a long piece of string.
m) willingness to try new things.
n) being able to laugh at myself
p) Plans for LA and Hotel Cafe and Steve Carlson in January.

ETA: I was told I had to finish q-z.

q) my camera
r) love, in all of its many and varied forms
s) the quirky, silly world of the internet and the serious friendships I have because of it.
t) the dark
u) there's this moment of the day, usually just before falling asleep or just as I'm waking up, where everything is just...good.
v) Brain.
w) London
x) the ability to travel, even if it takes planning and saving to do it
y) spontaneity
z) courteous discourse on contentious subjects with people of differing points of view

Now it's your turn. What makes you gleeful right now?

And, have a happy friday!


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