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Lets just start with a cut so I can ramble more about writing porn, as opposed to writing about porn...and whether the meta shows in the finished product... )

And yes, I know a lot of the folks who may read my journal have no real experience in the world I'm rambling about, and sometimes I worry that I might scare y'all away...but then I also hope that I might serve as your window into a world you don't understand and maybe help you understand it a little?

I do hope y'all will feel free to discuss it, here or via email, if you feel compelled to...ask questions and explore your own rambling meta thoughts about something I've said.

And yes, another busy day. Off to the salt mines. Or something.


~) Violet or Purple?
!) Why is the coffee gone?
@) Do you have a "motto"? If Yes, what is it?
#) When was the last time you tasted something for the first time? What was it?
$) If you had to sacrifice one of your five senses, which would you pick?
%) Someone left the cake out in the rain. Was it you?
^) *points to the left* What's over there?
&) Scarlet or Crimson?
*) Do you wear anything scented? Lotion? Perfume? What scent?
-) Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome?
+) Remember the time when....Make up a memory about you and me and some shenanigans!
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So...my office was two hours of utter chaos this morning. My boss is in the office today for the first time in months (he's been overseas and on vacation)...bringing with him changing priorities, quick exchange of piles of information, shifting of workloads and other chaotic fun.

Because I didn't think my life was busy enough between now and when I leave for Phoenix next Thursday, I decided I needed to make an afghan for my father and his wife. I started on it yesterday. Fortunately, it seems to be one that will go quickly. It's done in panels, nine panels to be exact. The original pattern called for 9 bright colors. I opted for shades of brown and muted greens. I finished one panel last night.

Cut for rambling about writing, BDSM, sub-space and exploring the darker side of sexuality in fic )

Interestingly, the idea of the two of us writing off of the same basic idea made me think of a writing challenge that I think could be fun. Unfortunately with as dead as LJ has been, I'm not sure LJ is the place for it, so I'm considering using AO3, but that will require a little more research on my part for how that works.

Basically, the premise would be I (or whatever other mods want to help out) would post a summary that is character/fandom generic, but gives the basic premise of a story. Whoever wants to participate in the challenge has a month or so to write a minimum of say 1500 words in whatever fandom (including original) with whatever characters, as long as the end story fits the summary.

Sound like fun? Any interest at all?

Okay, on that note, now that the chaos has settled around me, I should get to work. Crazy ass deadlines yet again.


a) Are you a crafty kind of person? If yes, what is your BEST crafty-craft?
2) If you were offered the opportunity to go do something you love doing for a full year but to do it you would have to go someplace where you don't know anyone, don't speak the language and can't easily leave to come home from...would you do it?
c) If you suddenly were handed $100,000 tax free and obligation free, what would you do with it?
4) Giraffe or Elephant?
e) Define compassion.
6) Skittles or M&Ms?
g) Define persecution.
8) Monkey?
i) What if someone really is out to get you?
10) Have I told you lately that I love you?

New Phone!

Mar. 22nd, 2013 10:38 am
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It took forever, but I finally have my new phone. It is shiny and pretty and has been named "Daddy"

In other news, I'm very close to finishing the story I'm working on. Very close. I hope to finish it tonight after work. BUT, I also need to clean out the car and take her to have a bath. And I need to pack up camera gear and clothing for the weekend, make up, contacts, etc. And clean litter boxes and the mess the kitties made in the kitchen.

So much to do! Largely because last night got lost playing with my phone. LOL.

Tomorrow up early to head south to pick up [livejournal.com profile] katbcoll to head to LA. YAY! Been trying to get to see Jason Manns for years.

Then in about 3 weeks, heading to Phoenix and Tuscon. Two weeks after that, off to wine country.

Exciting fun stuff!

Today, let's be random:

Name a song that the word reminds you of:
1) Sun
2) Day
3) Blues
4) Devil
5) Sex
6) Train
7) Soft
8) Tears
9) Night
10) Black

If you could have dinner with one of each pairing? (skip any you don't know obviously)

1) Sam or Dean Winchester?
2) John Winchester or Ike Evans?
3) Jack O'Neil or MacGyver?
4) Keeper!Sam or Broken!Sam?
5) Movie!Sherlock, BBC!Sherlock or Elementary!Sherlock?
6) Spencer Reid or Charlie Epps?
7) Helen Magnus or Samantha Carter?
8) Neal Caffrey or Nate Ford?
9) Eliot Spencer or Alec Hardison?
10) Penelope Garcia or Abby Scuito?

Road Trip:
1) Homemade cookies or chips/pretzels?
2) Energy drinks or coffee?
3) Stopping every hour or Stopping only when the need to pee is strong?
4) Early morning or late night?
5) Conversation or singing along to the music?
6) Everything planned out or flying by the seat of your pants?

Okay. I think that's it.
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For the third day in a row, I woke up with a headache. Right now the only thing that has me functional is my TENS unit working the spot just under my neck, and heavy doses of BOTH Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

Today I am working on this damn manual that has a ridiculous deadline. My frustration level is very close to "fuck it all and go home".

And, the coworker that went out on medical a few months ago (the one who was so sick and losing her shit mentally) is due back to work today, and they're moving her close to where I sit and I'm dreading it so very much. I do not want to get dragged back into her drama. I don't want to know about her family and her issues and all of that. I don't want to gossip about all the crap she's missed.

I want to hide in my cube and ignore the world exists and try to get this work done.


Okay. Now that I've got THAT out of my system...

1) What is one thing you look forward to every day?
2) What is one thing you dread?
3) What do you regret?
4) What do you fear?
5) What do you want?
6) What do you need?
7) What do you think about at night before you fall asleep?
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Here we are on Friday morning and my allergies are making me crazy. My eyes itch and weep and I look like I'm crying.


wherein I talk of Pirates and Merchants...and tears )


I am up to April 2009 in the archiving process and I stumbled across "Super Pretty Awesome Man and the Orgy Ray" this morning. I forget sometimes just how cracky that shit is.

Also, finding a lot of time stamp bits at this time in history. I really do like doing time stamps. I'd post one, but lately folks haven't been responding to meme like stuff much.

I really need to find a way to come up with another $200 a pay period. My life would be SOOO much easier then.

This weekend's agenda includes a lot of cleaning, some scheduling and writing. The writing will include starting an outline for the non-fiction project as well as work on either the Pirate or the Rysykks. I have a few more things to do with the pictures I took last weekend before I am ready to upload them.

But for now I should get myself to work...

Some questions for you on a Friday:

1) Type the first words that come to mind.
2) Describe the closest person to you.
3) Who is that person?
4) What is the first book you remember reading?
5) What is the last book you remember reading?
6) What is the first book you loved?
7) Are there any books you can read over and over again?
8) 5, 6 or 7?
9) What (or who) inspires you?
10) When was the last time you said "I love you" and to whom did you say it?
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1) It is Tuesday.
2) I actually slept last night
3) It took drugging myself into oblivion, and I'm still a little groggy because of it.
4) Freya tried to "help" me tie my stompy boots. Ow.
5) In my archiving to AO3 project, I have cleared September 2008 and am well into October.
6) Um. There are already 64 Daddy kink fics. I just got to the part fic that introduces Daddy's "Daddy"
7) Holy Fuck I'm verbose
8) Also, kinky, prolific and, in TMI, horny.
9) Also, in this project I keep finding fic I had forgotten I had written.
10) We're having a potluck today at work.
11) I now have a little credit card reader thingy for my phone to use with Paypal. I can now take payments for photo shoots, et al on the fly.
12) I kind of adore how much Rob Thomas apparently loves his dog Ollie.
13) My shoulder still aches.
14) I want bacon.
15) "He's fairly aware of himself, of his naked state, of the feeling of being on display...he shifts nervously, stretching muscles within his restraints, aching to be past this part, to be touched, even if that touch comes at the end of a leather whip."
16) No, I don't know, it just came to me when I started to write.
17) I think I need to pee.
18) I have no brain to mouth filter today. I must have left it home.
19) Boobies & Shenanigans!
20) And my hat (because no list of random is complete without it)

So...how about I start and you finish?

a) Once upon a time ______________________________ with __________________ and ____________________.
b) Seeing as he couldn't _________________________, he figured he was better ___________________________.
c) Promises made ______________________________________________________
d) As cliche as it sounds, ______________________________________________________________.
e) Tomorrow he was ______________________ until ____________________.

And we're off into Tuesday!
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I have nothing intelligent to offer today, so I'll ask you some stuff, k?

1) How are you today?
2) What was the best thing about today?
3) Whatcha doing?
4) Who was the last person you spoke to in person? On the phone?
5) Do you need a hug?
6) Look to your right, what do you see?
7) What is the most important thing you need to accomplish in the next 2 days? In the next week? Month? Year?
8) Is it weird when people from one part of your life turn out to be friends with people from another part of your life and you weren't the one to introduce them?
9) Are you happy to live in the area you live in?
10) If you could change one thing about where you are, what would it be?
11) Is there a difference between happy and content?
12) What fictional character do you think is most like you? Why?
13) What author do you wish you could write like?
14) Is mimicry really flattery?
15) Do you have a will? A living will? Someone tasked with beating your mother to your place of living should you die unexpectedly, to sanitize your belongings/computer?
16) Jeffrey Dean Morgan as an evil son of a bitch vampire? Y/Y?
17) Peanuts or Popcorn?
18) Peas or carrots?
19) Numbers or letters?
20) 13, lucky or no?
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So...most of the time, I'm happy with my life. I'm single, and largely prefer it that way.

Every now and again, I crave...something. The problem is, I don't want a "boyfriend" or a "girlfriend" really.

cut for me rambling on about dating and idiots and what I want )

Which brings me to questions. Sorry in advance, they're gonna be a little thinky.

I know that I'm not "normal" when it comes to relationships and what I want. So, tell me about your ideal romantic relationship.

1) If you feel comfortable (and I don't already know) are you straight, bi, gay or other?
2) How do you define your approach to romantic relationships? Are you monogamous? Poly?
3) Have you ever been "in love"?
4) Did it work out?
5) Can you love a person and spend time with them and have sex with them without being "In-love"?
6) Are you looking for (or have you found) your "soul mate"?
7) What does that mean for you?
8) Does your relationship define you?
9) Are you a jealous person? Is your SO?

And maybe a few easy ones:

a) Name a color
b) What is your middle name?
c) What is the first nickname you can remember being called?
d) Penguins or Turtles?
e) How do you like your pirates, Disney-fied or realistic?
f) Jeffrey Dean Morgan or John Winchester?
g) Handcuffs or rope?
h) Leather or lace?
i) What is your favorite Popsicle flavor?
j) Do you chew gum?
k) Favorite thing to do on a cold, wet day?
l) Chicken soup or Spaghetti and meatballs
m) Scented lotion or plain?
n) Favorite toy?
o) What is the first thing you can see on your right, right now?
p) What is the first thing near you that is written in pen or pencil? What does it say?
q) Earth, Air, Fire, Water
r) First thing you take off when you get home from work/school?
s) Something you want but do not need.
t) Something true
u) Something made up
v) Something about you
w) Something about me
x) What makes you laugh?
y) Are you a "file as soon as I can" or a "file at the last minute" kind of tax person?
z) Are we done yet?
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So, I'm having this interesting discussion on the CNN Belief Blog that began as getting one person to tell his story of belief, and sort of segued into a discussion about promiscuity.

And...it got me thinking about how so many "born agains" (mind you, I'm talking about a very specific subset of Christianity, not all of Christianity), talk about their "salvation" they say that before they found god, they were "promiscuous" and for me, that forms a certain opinion in my mind about what they mean. But when pressed for specifics, they mean something very, very different with that word.

Now, I have a pretty good mix of folks reading this journal, from many backgrounds and religious positions, so I thought I'd bring the discussion here too.

1) What is promiscuity to you?
2) Is promiscuity *bad*?
3) Do you apply the term to both men and women? Equally?
4) Does your use of the word rely on your religious belief (or lack thereof)?
5) Is it quantitative or qualitative?
6) Do you consider yourself promiscuous? Anyone you know?
7) Does the act of sex create or maintain some level of intimacy for you?
8) Can you have sex without intimacy?
9) Can you have intimacy without sex?
10) Does the sexual orientation of the person have any bearing on whether they are considered promiscuous?
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Since I didn't add any questions to the last one...let us explore something now...

1) What is your very first memory?
2) Who was your first kiss?
3) How old were you?
4) Can you remember the first time you slept over somewhere that wasn't your own house?
5) What story do your parents tell from your childhood that you know by heart, but don't actually remember?
6) Close your eyes. Think about you as a child. First image that emerges, how old are you? What do you look like? Where are you?
7) Word association: I say _____________, you say______________
a) Orange
b) toilet
c) grape
d) charge
e) stink
f) soda
g) nuts
h) eye
i) Jay
j) let
k) see
l) tape
m) fetish
n) dungeon
o) kid
p) last
q) first
r) rhombus
s) squiggle
t) jello
u) numbers
v) fuck
w) now
x) cell
y) vampire
z) gate

My word association answers here )


Jan. 11th, 2013 08:29 am
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So...the weekend approaches. I hope to get some writing done. Also there will be a Jensen watching weekend, as a friend comes over to watch Ten Inch Hero and probably others...I need to dig in the video cabinet and see what I have down there. I know I have Devour and My Bloody Valentine...

Last night I did 10 minutes of yoga. Really basic sun salutation and a couple of sitting poses. I need to figure ways to modify poses to work with my issues (can't really kneel well, can't bear weight on my arms)...but for the start I can work around, do the things I know I can, etc.

I may have to cool it until I get up the nerve to actually have my hip looked at....which I was gonna do this week, then chickened out. (I know, stupid. I know.) But, the stretching felt good, even if I hurt like crazy after.

In other news, I need to get my ass back to the gym. Part of my ass dragging is that I always do better with a distraction and I can't find the cord to charge the battery for my suckatcular tablet so I can watch White Collar or Justified or something.

It would appear that 2013 is going to be the year of financial burden... )

And now I suppose I should get on with my day.

Want to play with me? )

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Friday morning observations:

1) Coffee tastes better when I can taste it.
2) In 7 days I will be in Phoenix.
3) Holiday cards have begun arriving, thank you [livejournal.com profile] nomadicdragon and [livejournal.com profile] celtprincess13
4) So far my first ever attempt to make a sweater is looking....remarkably like a sweater!
5) I am going to my mommy's this weekend.

Want to ask me stuffs? I like answering random questions, deep thought provoking questions, questions about faith, fandom, family, freedom, fellas, felines....SO!

Pick one of these topics. Ask me five things about it. Or, ask me one thing about each topic.

1) Fandom
2) My past
3) My faith
4) Writing (in general, or specific questions about things I have/am writing)
5) Photography
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It's Friday. It's the last day of November. It's 14 days until I get to see my [livejournal.com profile] darling_lisa.

So lets be happy.

Things that make me happy right now:

a) That stupid water filter commercial where the voice over says, rather gleefully, "happy bananas"...it cracks my shit up every time.
b) New computer
c) Free bagels and stuff at work today.
d) Music.
e) Particularly, Steve Carlson's newest CD at the moment.
f) the Amazing People in my life
g) random memories of ridiculous and ridiculously awesome moments over the last 5 years
h) kitties
i) self reliance
j) randomly spotting Drew Powell on that chevy commercial and thinking about what a wonderful guy he is.
k) he kissed my boob (no, that is never getting old...just roll with it)
l) being able to create wearable things out of what is really little more than a long piece of string.
m) willingness to try new things.
n) being able to laugh at myself
p) Plans for LA and Hotel Cafe and Steve Carlson in January.

ETA: I was told I had to finish q-z.

q) my camera
r) love, in all of its many and varied forms
s) the quirky, silly world of the internet and the serious friendships I have because of it.
t) the dark
u) there's this moment of the day, usually just before falling asleep or just as I'm waking up, where everything is just...good.
v) Brain.
w) London
x) the ability to travel, even if it takes planning and saving to do it
y) spontaneity
z) courteous discourse on contentious subjects with people of differing points of view

Now it's your turn. What makes you gleeful right now?

And, have a happy friday!


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