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[livejournal.com profile] badfalcon says my questions are too hard and she wants easier ones. The rest of y'all can answer these too if you like...

1) What time is it?
2) What are you wearing?
3) What color are your eyes?
4) Given the choice, are you a meal type of person or a desserts type of person? In other words, roast beef & potatoes, or pie?
5) First word that pops into your head after reading this question?
6) What makes you smile?
7) Do you know that I love you?
8) You get to spend ten minutes talking to anyone, alive or dead, who isn't your girlfriend. Who do you pick?
9) What is your go-to, I know I can make this and I will like it, recipe?
10) What is something you want to learn how to cook, but haven't yet attempted?
11) Have you ever played ding dong ditch?
12) Have you ever kissed someone you didn't love?
13) Have you ever met someone you knew from online only to find that they were a very different person in person?
14) If tomorrow were the end of the world, where would you be right now? With who? Doing what?
15) Am I just making up questions to be facetious at this point?
16) Given the choice, do you click the clicky boxes just to click them?
17) What is your favorite word that entered your vocabulary due to fandom (either because it's used on the show/movie or because it's become a fandom thing or you picked it up from a fan)
18) What time is it now?
19) Can I have pizza for lunch?
20) What embarrasses you?
21) If you were going to write a book about your life, what would the first line be?
22) Did you think I would stop at 20?
23) If you could have dinner with any five fictional characters from any book/movie/TV series, who would they be?
24) If you could have sex with any fictional character from any book/movie/TV Series, who would it be?
25) Do you remember how we "met"?
26) Do you remember the first time we met in real life?
27) Are you aware that you are beautiful?
28) What attracts you to a woman? What turns your head? What captures your heart?
29) Are you going to kick my ass for asking so many questions?
30) Walrus or Rhinoceros?


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