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Sometimes, when I think about my largely failed attempts at what society considers "normal" relationships, I wonder if maybe I'm just wired differently? I mean, even before I discovered my bisexuality and before I'd ever heard of polyamory, my relationships, such as they were, didn't seem to be what everyone else around me seemed to be having.

Wherein I ramble through thoughts about relationships, emotion, identity, love and likely sex... )

In other, less rambling news...I got a letter from my doctor's office yesterday. I haven't opened it yet. I know I need to. I plan to at some point today. I also plan on making dentist and eye doctor appointments today. I do. I just need to...I don't know, make it happen.

I also managed to not eat the entire house last night. I did eat after dinner, and probably later than I should have, but it was all protein, and I made myself do some ab work after. Tonight I will attempt to make myself go to the gym, or maybe try out that work out DVD I was given that apparently even 500 lb people can do.

This taking care of yourself is hard work, yo.

Now it's your turn.

1) What's the hardest part of taking care of YOU?
2) Can I offer you a hug?
3) What is your "exercise routine"?
4) Can you recommend any specific exercise for a woman of 300 lbs or so with serious mobility issues?
5) How about a favorite low-carb recipe?
6) Can I get a hug?
7) Favorite guilty pleasure food?
8) I need a new book. Recommend me something fun, smart, sexy?
9) I need a new writing critique partner for an original work. Vampires, period piece, first person story telling. Interested? (probably a little time sensitive, the story is meant for a contest. I don't have the contest dates yet. Also, mostly looking for "this sucks" and "this works" and "I need more here" kind of stuff. It's already been through two rounds with a writer's group.)
10) Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Yes? I think so.


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