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I think I have decided to forgo the camera all together this weekend in Dallas.

I am only allowed to use it at the public gig, and it's bulky and heavy and I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, this will be a weekend to just relax and enjoy myself...see if I remember how to just sit and listen to music without a camera in my hands.

I know that may disappoint a few folks who were looking forward to the pictures I might take at that public gig.... but I'll be seeing Steve again at the end of August, and I can promise the camera will make that trip.

Yeah...I think this weekend is going to about me learning something new.
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I'm sitting in a hotel room in Phoenix, AZ at 7:15 am while my traveling companion still sleeps. I am almost completely packed up and ready to go. Contemplating going downstairs to print out our boarding passes and get some coffee.

We got off to a rough start... )

And so now, here we are....the weekend is just about over. Once I do coffee and boarding passes, it will be wait for E to wake up (alarm is set for about a half hour from now) and pack up, go down to breakfast, check out and head to the airport. Hoping the return trip will be less stressful.

Also hoping my eyes stop freaking the fuck out. They've been odd since I tried to put my contacts in yesterday (epic failure that), and are currently very itchy and watery and not focusing as good as normal.

With that, I think I'll find my shoes, a room keey and my wallet and head downstairs.
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I have successfully made it to work with my suitcase and camera/everything else bag, two hats and my cane via car to Expresso parking in Oakland, Expresso shuttle to the OAK, AirBART to BART, BART to San Francisco, and the short walk to the office.

I'm exhausted. LOL.

I hope Phoenix is ready for us.

In other news, it sucks having your period when traveling. Where is that menopause I ordered?

Today was the first day I didn't have any of the Ovations stuff to wash my hair with. I was hoping I could get through without it. Damn but my hair went right back to be snarly and unruly and cranky. Guess I'll be ordering more to replace the order that UPS fucked up once I'm home from traveling.

But it's FRIDAY!

I hope your weekend is spectacular. Mine is forecasting shenanigans and Jason Southard hugs (and if you've never had one of those, you're missing out), PLUS my [livejournal.com profile] darling_lisa (I hope).

Wearing new "lipstick red" leggings today and my red and black skulls hat and my stompy boots. This pleases me. In other news, I'm easy to please.

What's pleasing you today?


Jul. 25th, 2013 07:20 am
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We'll just start by cutting this for TMI of the female health variety )

In other news, it's Thursday and when I get home tonight I will be on the insane race to finish packing for hte weekend because instead of doing any of that last night, I was playing with Lightroom, which I recently acquired. Holy hell, I think I'm in love. I need to find a good book to get up to speed, and in the meantime, I will play with it to learn.

Gods know that after the next two weekends I'll have plenty of pictures to play with.

And now, I return you to your Thursday.

What are you thankful for today?
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Ugh. This low grade, not-migraine, sinus-like headache really, really needs to go away. It has seriously overstayed it's not-welcome.

In other news, work continues to be awesome. The work is right up my alley. Aside from a very loud workplace, I love all of it. I have no words for how much. My current task is re-writing the training manuals. I'm learning a good deal about the product that way.

In writing news, I just finished nearly 10000 words of fic that I expect only two people to be interested in reading. I am working on the sequel to another piece...but with the next few weeks...chances of actually getting any writing done are pretty small.

rambling about the travel plans and prep )

I love people, I do. Well, some people. But all of this togetherness is gonna wreck me.

And that's without the mild terror involved over new venues I've never been to and not knowing who all will be there for the thing in Dallas next week.

Anyway...onward. What else? Want random images from my random life? I'm on instagram as nataliejcase (original, no?)

Um. I suppose on that note I need to get back to the work stuff.

Everyone remember to wish [livejournal.com profile] badfalcon a Happy Birthday, even if she as an evol enabler.

And, it's wednesday....so let's reach back into the way back for a few questions:

1) What is the first book you remember reading for yourself?
2) Favorite movie as a wee child? (say...before 10)
3) Was there a food you refused to eat as a child?
4) Favorite article of clothing when you were wee?
5) Favorite Disney movie?
6) If you could go back in time and tell yourself something at the following ages, what would it be:
a) 6 years old
b) 8 years old
c) 12 years old
d) 14 years old
e) 18 years old
f) 20 years old
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I don’t post every crazy or stupid email I get…but I’m enamored of the crazy person who has emailed me at least once a day for well over a week now…the one and same who has given us the gems that have become my new rallying cries.

After all, she has provided me, and many of you, with hours of entertainment.

However, of late, the amusement has been waning and her daily email has provided less entertainment value. Until today.

Today’s installment in her seemingly endless tirade seems to cover such fun topics as my boobs, Steve’s new wife, Christian’s lack of wife, Riley not wanting my wife and…stuff I just can’t discern. Clearly my decoder ring got lost in the mail.

Cut in case you want to skip the insanity that is this email… )
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So...I woke up at 2am for no apparent reason. I didn't need to pee. I wasn't thirsty. I was just...awake.

I got up to pee anyway and got a drink anyway, then crawled back into bed. Despite a very cuddly Morrigan kitty, I just couldn't go back to sleep. It just wasn't happening. So, I finally gave up at ten til three and got up, made coffee, took a shower, got dressed....and all that done, I'm now sitting here in the dark drinking coffee.

Wherein I ramble about cleaning )

Aside from all that, I managed something like 4000 words all told, though probably not of anything that more than one or two people will likely read, as it's an odd pairing of people lots and lots of people have no clue about. But that's okay. It's vampire fic and it's making me happy and really, that's what's important.

And now I'm going to try to add some words to that before I leave for work in like an hour or so....first direct train into the city leaves Hayward at 5:20. Puts me to work by 6am. Which means if I leave at 3, I'll already have one of the hours I'm going to miss on Friday taken care of.

Not that it matters. Being truly salaried has it's perks. I just wouldn't want anyone to think I'm slacking off.

Okay, so how's your Monday going?

Anything exciting in your life?

Will there be shenanigans?
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Whose idea was this?

Oh, wait. Mine.


Okay, so I'm up early for a reason. I need to get to work early so I can leave early. So I can go fetch the UPS packages that the idiot substitute driver couldn't figure out how to deliver.

Fun times. I could have gone last night between 8:30 and 9pm....but seriously? I was already asleep by then.

So now Friday. Early.

That's about all I've got.
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Yesterday was a good day. I got a fair amount accomplished, both work wise and home wise. I didn't get all of the laundry put away, but I plan to finish today. My arms hurt today, but I knew they would.

On today's agenda work wise is more of the same, copy, edit, format, etc.

Cut for rambling about cleaning and other fun stuff )

And so now my break is largely over. I need to get back to working on this manual.

In the meantime how about we play a game. I give you a letter and you tell me the first thing that comes to mind:


Okay then....back to work I go.
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So...one of the things I like about this job is that my boss doesn't bat an eye when we say we need to work from home. It goes hand in hand with that whole 'being treated like a grown up' deal.

I woke up this morning feeling less then spectacular. I'm not sick exactly. I've got a mild headache and my stomach is...cranky. But, the idea of getting on the train was...less than appealing. So I let work know I'd be working from home today. And that's that.

What this also means is that I can do some laundry. And considering I seem to have ALL THE LAUNDRY again, this is a good thing.

Cut for rambling about travel and such )

In other news, I maybe spent money on clothes last night accidental like. I ended up getting two pairs of jeans, a pair of bike shorts, and four tank tops from Roaman's and Jessica London...mostly because both of their latest catalogs offered a free gift I wanted. LOL. All in all tho, I only spent about $100, so...Yay for CLEARANCE!

Now I'm hungry. I should go make food. I think I have some bacon in the fridge. Possibly some eggs.

You're turn! Random questions:

a) How the hell are you?
b) From where you're sitting right now, which way is north?
c) What was the last thing you said out loud?
d) How do you feel about getting a massage?
e) How do you feel about big screen tvs?
f) How do you feel about hugs?
g) Who did you last hug?
h) Do you know what a *smish* is?
i) Have you seen my muse? She seems to be missing.
j) Vampires, y/n?
k) What's for breakfast? (or whatever meal is next for you)
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I'm cranky and in pain today. PMS has EVERYTHING flaring up. I'm bloated and retaining water, which puts pressure on all my owie nerves in my arms, both shoulders, both elbows, both wrists. Also my bad knee is all grrrr and my lower back is pulling it's normal PMS bullshit.

I feel fat and ugly and the idea of traveling ANYWHERE is not happy making. I am attempting to control my eating in an office where free food is plentiful and never good choices.

I spent part of yesterday trying to take care of myself. I re-scheduled my appointment to have my eyes dilated and thoroughly examined...but it isn't until after the trip to Dallas. I tried to make a new doctor's appointment, but they never called me back. I need to have my eyes examined and new glasses/contacts done, but that's not gonna happen until after the other eye appointment now, so I'm stuck in these and my regular contacts until then.

This grown up shit is HARD, yo!

Today I shall attempt again to make a DR appt. Also, an appointment for Samantha Kaylee who needs her oil changed, tires rotated, front end aligned and her trunk fixed.

And now...off into my Tuesday.

What's going on in your world?
Are you wearing socks? Are they nifty socks?
Do you want bacon? I want bacon.
Do you need something?
Can I help?
Have you told someone that you loved them in the last 24 hours?
Are there going to be shenanigans?
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Here we are to Monday again. Somehow that keeps happening.

This morning I bought my plane tickets to England in Oct/Nov. It's official now. Guess that means I should start putting money away again. LOL.

In other news, the rest of my travel plans continue to gel together. It's going to be a busy August.

Now that I have my new health insurance, I need to make a doctor's appointment. And my car really needs to go in for an oil change, tire rotation, front end alignment and getting the trunk fixed. I really suck at those making those things happen.

Now then...what else? Had dinner at my Mommy's house yesterday. I made baked beans from scratch. They were a little salty, but otherwise quite good. Corn on the cob, corn bread and spare ribs rounded out the meal.

It's that time of the morning where I need to figure out food and hit the road...Have I mentioned how I love my job?

Yeah, I do.

So, what's your Monday look like?
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So...not too long ago I opened up this LJ again after being friends only for a couple of years.

It didn't take long for me to realize that just maybe some stuff should still go under friendslock.

Jealous crazy bitches be jealous. And crazy. )

So there you have it folks, all the fun one can stand from my inbox. And, since this is really the only place you could have learned about my attendance at the R&R weekend, I can assume you can see this too. Let me just say that you have provided me with hours of entertainment and catch phrases that continue to make me laugh. I am very sorry that my very existence offends you, but no, I'm not going to stop going to gigs and enjoying the music that makes me happy just to please you.

Why don't you go find something that makes you happy? Your life will be much more satisfying once you do.
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I asked [livejournal.com profile] badfalcon what I should write about today and she told me I should write about things that I like, things that bring me happiness.

Um....there's so much!

Cut for rambly randomness about my favorite things )

Now it's your turn! What makes you happy?
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So...sorted out the bank holding my money, but still can't seem to use my debit card for anything. Not sure what that's about.

I did manage to arrange my flight to Dallas for R&R Caravan....which I still can't believe I get to go to.

Once my debit card is working again, I aim to buy my tickets for England also.

Today's lunch is less than spectacular.

Want to tell me a story?

I'll help you:

Once upon a time, ___________________(a person) and ___________________________ (another person) thought it would be a good idea to _____________________________ (an action) in ________________________(a place). They ___________________________ (an action) until _____________________________________(something happens). There was so much _________________________(something there's a lot of) that __________________________(first person) took _____________________________(second person) to ________________________(a different place) so that they could _____________________________________ (more action).
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Finally got my check from Morpho Detection this morning.

It took really ripping a hole in the ass of FedEx last night. Of course, just to further fuck me over, Morpho decided to tax it as though it were a bonus, completely disregarding my W4 so instead of taxes at around 16% they were at a 25% so I ended up with just under $5000 instead of just over $7000. Fuckers.

Fortunately, that $2000 wasn't really designated to pay anything in particular. I had hoped to maybe buy some camera equipment with it. Now, after paying a bill that should hit today and buying my airfare to Dallas and to England, I will have only pennies left.

But, at least now I am done with them and won't have to deal with them ever again.

In other news, I'm bored in this class.

Also my pants are too tight.

What's going on in your world?

What are you wearing today?

What are you eating?

Who are you with?

Who do you love?

How are you?
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Sorry about falling off the planet again. My gravity boots must be malfunctioning.

So...yeah...new job is awesome. I am loving my work and the people I work with. I had to work from home last week due to the BART strike...but that's been at least postponed until August.

That cold I caught the first week was killer. Nearly three weeks before the cough went away. But away it did finally go.

We are embarking on insanity. On tuesday I decided to go to Tucson for the long weekend to see my [livejournal.com profile] darling_lisa and my dad. Kidnapped my niece and took her with me. We drove down to Tombstone and Bisbee on Friday and drove up Mt Lemon on Saturday after having lunch with my father.

Cut for rambling about the travel to come )

I'm tired just thinking about it.


What else?

Um. Let's see. I'm in training again this week.

And my old job has managed to continue to fuck me over. I was supposed to get my severance check on Friday, delivered via fedex to my new work office. The idiot in payroll didn't put my company name or the suite number on the check, so fedex couldn't deliver it. Hopefully, after calling them, it will be redelivered this morning.

In other news, it was nice to sleep in my own bed last night and cuddle my kitties.

And now, for a random list of random:

1) the view out my window in this training room is nice.
2) my elbow and wrist hurt
3) There is a book next to me with pictures of food on the cover. It is making me hungry.
4) My tea is cold
5) My tummy hasn't been completely happy at all since like Wednesday
6) I love the integration of my voice/email systems at work.
7) This coffee is awful
8) Boobies!
9) Shenanigans!
10) And my hat!
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No seriously, I started my first full week at this job with a cold. It started Saturday with a sore throat, Sunday I had a nasty cough, Monday I started to get congested. Tuesday my sinuses filled in and the coughing settled deep into my chest. Yesterday I had a runny nose all day plus the rest.

I feel marginally better right now, but I now that by the time the training day is over I will be wiped out. Which is gonna suck, cause I have to go to Pride training tonight. I think 5-hour energy shots will be my friends today.

Training has been slow, but largely due to the language barrier in the room. I'm in a room where the instructor and I are the only native English speakers. The rest of the class is from South Korea.

At least I've been able to jut go home after class all week, which means I'm on the BART by 4 and home by 5 or 5:30, depending on whether I stop on my way home. Ugh. Next week will be better. I will feel better and start actually working rather than training.

Great people watching though.

I may need to start carrying a notebook to write down some of the characters I see. Yesterday there was a girl on the BART with blue hands...like indigo dye, even the nails were deep blue. Then there's the guy in overalls who walks around with a teddy bear tucked into the bib. You just know that there are stories there...or stories to be found there.

I suppose I should get my meds into me and get myself motivated to get out of the house...I kind of just want to crawl back into bed.
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So...today was my first day at my new job. It was mostly just company orientation, who they are, what they do, an intro to the various departments, etc. It started sometime around 8:15 or so and ran to about 3. At 3:15, my new boss said we were going to have a "team meeting". This involved the five of us still at the office leaving the office, walking a block up the street and going to a bar to have whiskey.

I got home to find that my unemployment claim forms were FINALLY in my mailbox. Came upstairs, logged in online and certified both of them. I should have my two unemployment checks at about the same time as my first paycheck.

I haven't been sleeping well, first in anticipation of the job offer, then in my excitement for my first day, so I am WIPED. I will probably be going to bed very soon.

My brain is still trying to absorb the awesome that whirlwind that this week has been.

I may not get there...at least not for a little bit. Just...wow guys. Just wow.
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It's Pride month, so things get a little crazy.

I was in SF on Saturday to do some Pride planning and had lunch with some friends. Then I headed out to the Golden Gate where I took some pictures.

And now to talk more about that job I really want )

I will be back in SF on Thursday for Pride stuff, Supervisor training for the Donations partners, and the same next Thursday. If you are in and around the SF Bay area and are coming to Pride, please consider donating 2.5 hours of your day to help the Pagan Alliance earn grant money. The work is not hard, the people fun, and every hour we work earns us money toward making the Festival happen next year.

In the meantime, I'm still struggling through German lessons, really need to get some housework done and I'm attempting to get to the gym at least 4 days a week. I'm also writing...less than 3000 words from finishing a commissioned piece, plus I have the next installment of evil!Jeff bubbling away...I hope to have both ready by the weekend.

News about the Not-So-Secret-Super-Secret-Project )

And now, I'm off to write a thank you letter to the folks I interviewed with yesterday.


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