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So...you've come wandering my way ...and you think you're ready for the ride?

My friending policy is pretty simple. If you friend me, and I don't know you...whether from comments left in my journals or from common communities, etc...I won't friend back immediately.

I will visit your journal and check out your interests and such...maybe drop some comments on existing entries...and I'll expect you to do the same,...so that we can get to know one another, see? I'm a friendly sort, but I've had...experiences...and I am a lotmore protective than I once was.

If I come to your journal and find out I'm the only friend you have, I'm gonna get a little weirded out. And yes, it's happened. More than once.

If you're a regular commenter on any of my journals, or we encountered one another in person somewhere...expect I'll friend you back right quick...if I didn't get to you first.

If I do not friend you, please do not be offended. You are welcome to follow and comment on my public posts, whatever they may be. I've had enough bad experiences with people who clearly had access to my personal life to be more cautious.

Okay...that's out of the way. What's next?

For the most part I'm a pretty laid back person. But I am opinionated. I'm just usually of the opinion that my opinions are mine and feel no need to force any one to agree with them. Sometimes I rant here in this journal. Not often. But it happens. Push button issues: Food, Fat, religion, willful ignorance, personal responsibility.

I've been told my cussing can make a sailor blush. I doubt the veracity of that statement...but...I'll leave it to you to decide. I do cuss. I say shit, and damn, and hell and fuck. Yes. I like the word fuck. It's a very expressive word. You will see it from time to time here in this journal.

Also, I talk about stuff many people won't...the human body, sex, periods, blood, medical procedures...I draw the line at talking about my toilet habits and experiences...because we all have to have limits to how much we're willing to share in an online space, you know?

I have a sex filter that I almost never use. However I do talk about sex. I talk about being horny. I talk about getting laid. I talk about alternative sexual practices. I am bi-sexual and will talk about my sexual attractions to both genders. I am also polyamorous, so don't expect to hear stuff about my one true love or anything. Not happening.

I am also interested in BDSM and such, and I talk about it...about my reasons, about things that turn me on...sometimes just stuff I see or hear about. I do label and I do cut...so no one should ever have a need to read anything they don't want to...even if I don't filter.

How about the details of me?

I was born in 1968, in Jacksonville, Fla. My daddy was in the navy.

Lived in Upstate, NY from 3 to 18, then Precott, AZ for 4 months before moving to El Paso, where I lived until Dec 2000. Then we came to California. Northern California in the great San Fransico Bay Area.

I'm >40...I am mostly okay with that number. Largely because I like who I am.

5'2"-ish, with pale, freckled Irish skin and green eyes. My natural hair color has not been seen since I was 16. It is generally some shade of red...here lately it's been black with red or green streaks....and it has been known to suddenly become black or brown or blond. I'm thinking the streaks will go green soon.

Oh...yeah. I'm fat. Rotund. Obese. I'm somewhere around 260 pounds. No, I don't want weight loss tips. I know how to eat well and most of the time I do...but this is who I am. And I make no attempt to hide or disguise that. I am a fat, sexual, horny beast of a woman.

This is me...from a photo shoot for a fetish fundraiser...

I live alone in Northern California, and I make a decent wage at my job, more so now than ever before. Which doesn't mean I don't spend my money poorly. I do. I admit that I do. But I talk about money and not having money. I talk about saving pennies to travel. I love to travel.

1) Oh...that...yes, my given name is Natalie. My Pagan name is Amara. Amara has been my online moniker for nearly as long as I've been online. I answer to both, and often don't know how to introduce myself and let the people I am with do it for me. This new name is going to take some getting used to.

3) I am obsessed with Jeffery Dean Morgan. Of course, you'll know this if you read nearly anything in this journal. And Kane. Love me them Kane boys. And music of all kinds. Much of my travel has to do with music.

4) Despite all appearances to the contrary, I have moments where I am very, very insecure.

5) I despise people who are false, who are two-faced and use my friendship to hurt me at some point. If you're coming here under false pretenses, just use the door now.

Okay...that's enough for now I think. Talk to me...tell me about you. I'm leaving this at the top of my journal for a while...so folks can see it as they wander in.

Welcome to the crazy...
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