Jul. 22nd, 2013

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So...I woke up at 2am for no apparent reason. I didn't need to pee. I wasn't thirsty. I was just...awake.

I got up to pee anyway and got a drink anyway, then crawled back into bed. Despite a very cuddly Morrigan kitty, I just couldn't go back to sleep. It just wasn't happening. So, I finally gave up at ten til three and got up, made coffee, took a shower, got dressed....and all that done, I'm now sitting here in the dark drinking coffee.

Wherein I ramble about cleaning )

Aside from all that, I managed something like 4000 words all told, though probably not of anything that more than one or two people will likely read, as it's an odd pairing of people lots and lots of people have no clue about. But that's okay. It's vampire fic and it's making me happy and really, that's what's important.

And now I'm going to try to add some words to that before I leave for work in like an hour or so....first direct train into the city leaves Hayward at 5:20. Puts me to work by 6am. Which means if I leave at 3, I'll already have one of the hours I'm going to miss on Friday taken care of.

Not that it matters. Being truly salaried has it's perks. I just wouldn't want anyone to think I'm slacking off.

Okay, so how's your Monday going?

Anything exciting in your life?

Will there be shenanigans?


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