Apr. 10th, 2013

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Okay, so no, not THAT cheery exactly. But, hey, it's Wednesday and I'm awake and alive and in a decent mood. Still stressed as fuck at work, but I think my constant repetition in telling people they're doing shit wrong is paying off and my explosion at my manager yesterday over HUGE changes being made to a document that's this close to deadline AFTER I had already finished the portion of the document that was changed seems to have resulted in repentance from the offender.

So today is more of the rush to complete this manual. I need to pick up kitty foods on my way home. I need to do a load of laundry tonight and I need to pack for the weekend. Then I need to finish this damn afghan. Or, get a lot closer to done than I am.

I think I may come into work early tomorrow. Like, be here at 6 so I can leave at 2:30. It means I have to run out to pick up my riders at a little before 7, but that's okay.

That way I can be home by 3, crawl into bed and hopefully sleep until at least 8, then there will be clearing out the trunk of the *stuff* that currently occupies it, plus packing it with the *stuff* necessary for this trip. And then probably work on the afghan until E shows up and we hit the road.

Now then. How about you?

In song titles/lyrics (artist name), tell me:

a) How do you feel right now?
B) What do you have planned for the weekend?
c) How's work?
D) Special relationship(s)?

Either or?

A) Puppy or kitty?
b) Letters or numbers?
C) Couch or Sofa?
d) Shenanigans or Shenanigans?
E) Soup or Salad?


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