Apr. 5th, 2013

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1) Woke up with a POUNDING headache this morning.
2) Dreams last night included one where I was a bounty hunter, who got secret messages via in-store networks while shopping to alert me to a bounty being in the store. I then grabbed them, put them in my car, then took them somewhere where I stripped them naked and grew a penis so that I could have sex with them, before I threw them in a cave.
3) No. I'm not kidding.
4) I blame the gay porn I was watching last night before going to bed.
5) The afghan I'm making isn't going to work per pattern directions. I will be altering it to work for me.
6) Have pimped Great Gig in the Sky to a fellow lover of Pink Floyd. Blew him away.
7) Friday.
8) Coffee.
9) Shenanigans.
10) Boobies.
11) I continue to be amused when I have to ADD pairings when archiving on AO3. What do you mean no one has written Matt Bomer/Danneel Harris or Matt Bomer/Danneel Harris/Jeffrey Dean Morgan before?
12) I got interesting "hate" mail this week from someone who has a REAL hatred of Danneel and has declared that they will no longer read my stuff because I adore her. Whatever. Bye Bye.
13) Apparently it's cooler to hate someone you will never meet than it is to have a crush on someone who once kissed your boobies. I don't even know.
14) Also, it's also wrong that I have begun talking about/going to see/including in stories the Riley Smith person, based on a different email. Apparently, he's evil and bad and sucks and is a hanger-on-wannabe riding every one's coat tails....or something?
15) [livejournal.com profile] badfalcon, Easy, I already told that crazy person to fuck off.
16) Sixteen doesn't exist.
17) I am very horny.
18) I also blame the gay porn I was watching last night before bed for that.
19) And also, my dreams.
20) The whole penis thing was interesting. I think I liked it.
21) Drink.
22) Monkey.
23) Llama, llama, duck
24) In case you didn't know it, I kinda sorta have a crush on Danneel Harris Ackles
25) It isn't as big as my JDM crush, but then again...what is?
26) MMMMmmmmmm.....Jeffrey Dean Morgan....
27) gimme a second here, I'm still working on 26.
28) I'm back...no, wait...mmmmmm....
29) Where was I?
30) In summary: Penis, Porn, Boobies, Shenanigans, Horny, Danneel, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Happy Friday.


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