Mar. 18th, 2013

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So...on what...Wednesday I think, I got an email on the Super Secret Project #2, telling me that they were considering my proposal and would give me an answer by the weekend. Roll on Sunday, and still hadn't heard from them, so I sent a follow on email offering more info, and more work I am willing to do and a reminder that I need the time to run the Kickstarter and STILL have the money in time for the thing.

Still nothing.

I'm tempted to throw the Kickstarter open anyway today, because I need to raise $3000 by the end of March if this is going to work, and even that is going to be cutting it close because I have to buy plane tickets. UGH. But some of the rewards are dependent on the answer that I'm waiting on.

Cue epic frustration on my part.

Maybe if I launch the Kickstarter and tell them that if the answer is no say so now so I can pull it? Maybe that will kick them in the ass enough to respond?


Well, that said, it's Monday. I had a productive weekend. Got some writing done, went on an impromptu photography outing with my mom, did some laundry, did some cleaning. Now it's Monday and it's back to work. But! Only five days and I'm off to LA to see Jason Manns.

How was your weekend?

Tell me something you did that was fun.
Tell me something you saw that was pretty.
Tell me something that happened that was funny.
Tell me who kissed you.
Tell me who you kissed.


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