Mar. 12th, 2013

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Today I got to sleep in and lay about a bit. I wrote almost 3000 words before I finally left my apartment for my dentist appointment. It has, apparently, been 2 years since my last cleaning. I don't know how that happened.

I do rather like my dentist and his hygienist/receptionist. Friendly folks with good memories and it doesn't feel like they're just trying to rush you through.

Got my teeth cleaned and checked.That tooth in the back that never got capped is going to need a specialist. It looks like the deep root wasn't fully cleaned out during that last root canal and there's a problem brewing. Fun times. Two very tiny cavities, I go back in two weeks to fill. That's it. Well, that and admonishment for coming in more often, and deep cleaning for my next cleaning appointment.

Painless, and over in 45 minutes.

But then I had to come to work. So here I am. Actually, I've been here a few hours.

Not so patiently waiting for an email.

Because it could be awesome. But it might not be. And I don't want to get too excited. And it's very time sensitive. So every minute that passes feels like hours. And yes, I'm cryptic, but I'll be able to share once I have an answer. So.....*crosses fingers*

And with that, I think I want a cup of tea. And I need to make that appointment with the retina specialist before I forget to do it.


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