Mar. 11th, 2013

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I had a largely productive weekend.

This is the part where I ramble about the mundane stuff I did all weekend... )

In other news, I DO get to go see Jason Manns in LA on the 23rd after all! I'm very excited! There is still room in the car if anyone wants to jump in.

I had a nightmare last night that I was on a train/bus (it wasn't very clear) the had a serious malfunction, crashed and set off a chain reaction that dropped the Bay Bridge into the water. There were people trapped in cars in the water, people trying to get out of the bus/train, people dead and dying. The water was frigid and the emergency response was stalled and slow and inadequate. People were climbing out of the water and dragging themselves up to a hospital that wasn't able to help them and there was triage being set up on the side of the freeway. I've never been so glad for my alarm to go off on a Monday morning.

And now, we're into the Monday. And it's already the 11th of March. What?

So then, to the questions?

1) Worst nightmare you've ever had?
2) Ever have recurring dreams?
3) Sexy voices (thanks to a whole other conversation)? Who's on your list?
4) Growly/possessive or tender/loving?
5) Homemade lasagna or Steak & baked potato?
6) Bacon or Sausage?
7) What Disney character are you?
8) What are you allergic to?
9) Do you have a "life plan"?
10) Most spontaneous thing you've ever done?


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