Mar. 7th, 2013

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So, I've been trying to blog more about relevant things over on my wordpress blog. I talk about Paganism and sexuality and various things like being polyamory and expounding on the thoughts I posted here yesterday...

And the number of new followers/visitors/likes I've gotten from crazy whackado religious folks is astounding.

Last week there was this guy who's blog was one of the scariest I've ever seen. It was all black and red with lots and lots of ALL CAPS and declarations of doom and conspiracy theories. I mean wow. Apparently, he found a hidden code in his finger paintings (I shit you not) that told him how to properly de-code the old testament to reveal all of the conspiracy theories on his page.


Today, I got some woman who says somewhere in her blog that the book she wrote: "It is a 6th sense book meaning that I connected with God to write it through mind transfer."

Yeah. No. Sorry.


*shaking my head*

How is it I am ALWAYS the one with the whackados following me around?
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So, I have an interest in driving down for this gig.

Alas, with the money situation I can not afford to do it alone.

I am looking for folks that want to road trip.

Total cost for gas + hotel is around $200, to be split evenly be all involved (so with 4 of us, that's only $50 each). I really would like to go, but need at least two others (so 3 of us, around $70 each) to consider it viable.

*puppy dog eyes*

Who wants to go?


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