Mar. 4th, 2013

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Where did my weekend go?

I spent all day Saturday archiving fic to AO3 (I'm phantisma over there). I finished 2009. I keep finding fic I had forgotten I'd written. I spent Sunday trying to write, but Ronon and Lindsey were NOT cooperating and Brain was off galavanting with Pirate, so I did a little archiving, then decided to take my measly pennies to the grocery store so I could get something that vaguely resembles food into the house.

I fail at the maths, and over spent, forgetting that I was still waiting for the debit from the gas fill up to hit my account. Which hit my account about the time I got home from getting groceries. *headdesk* Initiate emergency flailing as I was $5 short in cash to cover the rent because I fail at the maths and didn't withdraw enough on Friday. Fortunately I have awesome friends and I got $$ quickly to cover, which means I can go after work to get money orders for the rent.

I also have to put two packages in the mail. Good thing I can get money orders at the post office!

Meanwhile, I have food that should get me through at least the better part of the next two weeks. Right now at home I have a crock pot with beef soup bones, 15-bean soup mix, onions, garlic, tomatoes and jalapenos cooking. I will cook some rice when I get home to add to it. That should provide lunches for the better part of the week, plus dinner tonight.

Cut for rambling about Brain and the things she gives me as I fall asleep... )

So now, it's work time. I get to spend today proof reading the manual I created last week. Fun times. Or something.

How was your weekend?
How is your Monday?
Can I have some more coffee?


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