Feb. 19th, 2013

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So yesterday I posted to my blog (My Weight in Words), with a title stolen from Melissa Etheridge, "I went down to the revival, to give my soul a chance"...and I spoke about Pantheacon and the experiences I had there on Saturday. I talked about Morrigan (the goddess) and healing and not being as healed as I thought....about Shamanism and a need to return to doing the work my heart and soul crave.

I got three or four new followers and a bunch of "likes" who clearly didn't read the post itself, just the title, because when I went and looked at THEIR blogs what I found was a bunch of Christian bloggers, the sort that every post is praise (or really out there end-of-the-world stuff) and such. I'm fairly certain they wouldn't have followed/liked if they'd actually read the post.

Today I posted "the magic of being nice" and yes, I link to an opinion piece on CNN wherein one Christian exhorts his fellows to being nice, but I was mostly talking about the power of kindness, the magic of the small things.

And my first "like" is also from a very Christian blogger.

Ah well, perhaps they'll learn something new.

I'm planning to try to post to the blog daily, or at least every other/every few days on topics that will cover spirituality and healing a bit more than I have in the past as I work at building a following (the better to get a book deal once I'm to that point with the writing) as well as a means to hash out ideas for the book. I will likely be posting some meditations and the like there as well. So, if you're interested, by all means follow. Or like my author page on Facebook (Natalie J. Case), as all the updates to the blog will post there.

It is gonna be a busy day at work. So entertain me:

1) Tell me something silly.
2) Tell me something pretty.
3) Tell me something wise.
4) Tell me something mundane.
5) Tell me something nice.
6) Tell me something you like.
7) Tell me something I will like.


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