Feb. 12th, 2013

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1) It is Tuesday.
2) I actually slept last night
3) It took drugging myself into oblivion, and I'm still a little groggy because of it.
4) Freya tried to "help" me tie my stompy boots. Ow.
5) In my archiving to AO3 project, I have cleared September 2008 and am well into October.
6) Um. There are already 64 Daddy kink fics. I just got to the part fic that introduces Daddy's "Daddy"
7) Holy Fuck I'm verbose
8) Also, kinky, prolific and, in TMI, horny.
9) Also, in this project I keep finding fic I had forgotten I had written.
10) We're having a potluck today at work.
11) I now have a little credit card reader thingy for my phone to use with Paypal. I can now take payments for photo shoots, et al on the fly.
12) I kind of adore how much Rob Thomas apparently loves his dog Ollie.
13) My shoulder still aches.
14) I want bacon.
15) "He's fairly aware of himself, of his naked state, of the feeling of being on display...he shifts nervously, stretching muscles within his restraints, aching to be past this part, to be touched, even if that touch comes at the end of a leather whip."
16) No, I don't know, it just came to me when I started to write.
17) I think I need to pee.
18) I have no brain to mouth filter today. I must have left it home.
19) Boobies & Shenanigans!
20) And my hat (because no list of random is complete without it)

So...how about I start and you finish?

a) Once upon a time ______________________________ with __________________ and ____________________.
b) Seeing as he couldn't _________________________, he figured he was better ___________________________.
c) Promises made ______________________________________________________
d) As cliche as it sounds, ______________________________________________________________.
e) Tomorrow he was ______________________ until ____________________.

And we're off into Tuesday!


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