Feb. 11th, 2013

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It was a weird weekend. I've had trouble sleeping. I've felt like going out and being with people. I've felt like hiding from the world. I've had pain in my shoulder that made me not want to do anything. I've had bursts of energy that made me want to clean all the things.

This coming weekend is Pantheacon. Normally I'm very excited for it. This year I'm kinda meh. I have a full weekend ticket, bought months ago. But I have no hotel room. I will probably drive down after work on Friday and pick up my badge and program, hang out in public spaces to see folks, etc. Then I'll decide if there's enough stuff on either Saturday or Sunday to make it worth driving down from home, pick one day and go.

Largely my issue is how big it's gotten. Too many people crammed into rooms for classes, etc. And this year's whole room lottery thing did nothing to endear me. There's also the fact that I'm broke. That isn't helpful at all. I will likely end up taking peanut butter sandwiches with me on the day I go down.

Of course, there's also the magic of Pantheacon, of coming home, of being with people who understand you. And that could completely change my mind. We'll see. Though, my empathic stuff has been on complete overload the last few weeks, so I'll be needing to do some grounding and shielding before I go. Pantheacon energy is....outrageous.

That said, I also need to get out of my funk enough to get the house clean. It's a mess. Ugh. I would like to see tonight's agenda go something like: a) get home & change, b) workout, c) eat dinner, d) clean the living room e) go to bed. Tomorrow would be similar with d changing to clean the kitchen. Wednesday the same except clean the bathroom. Thursday the same but vacuum the apartment. I would feel much better then.

I should get some work done now, seeing as I am at the work.


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