Jan. 24th, 2013

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So, I'm having this interesting discussion on the CNN Belief Blog that began as getting one person to tell his story of belief, and sort of segued into a discussion about promiscuity.

And...it got me thinking about how so many "born agains" (mind you, I'm talking about a very specific subset of Christianity, not all of Christianity), talk about their "salvation" they say that before they found god, they were "promiscuous" and for me, that forms a certain opinion in my mind about what they mean. But when pressed for specifics, they mean something very, very different with that word.

Now, I have a pretty good mix of folks reading this journal, from many backgrounds and religious positions, so I thought I'd bring the discussion here too.

1) What is promiscuity to you?
2) Is promiscuity *bad*?
3) Do you apply the term to both men and women? Equally?
4) Does your use of the word rely on your religious belief (or lack thereof)?
5) Is it quantitative or qualitative?
6) Do you consider yourself promiscuous? Anyone you know?
7) Does the act of sex create or maintain some level of intimacy for you?
8) Can you have sex without intimacy?
9) Can you have intimacy without sex?
10) Does the sexual orientation of the person have any bearing on whether they are considered promiscuous?


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