Jan. 21st, 2013

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Where do my weekends keep disappearing?

How do we keep getting these Monday mornings?

Why am I not independently wealthy?

In other news...writing for those who have helped me out in this current very tight financial spot continues. I posted death fic over the weekend. I am working on a reluctant!whore story. Then I get to delve my fingers into a new fandom, which should be fun.

Archiving fic over on AO3 continues, though the process is long and sometimes tedious. I'm somewhere in the middle of 2008 at the moment...in the middle of Courtesan actually.

It's gonna be a long week.

Tell me a story...tell me about this one time...(pick one, two, several, all)

a) when you felt strong and amazing
b) when you felt small and overwhelmed
c) when you met someone who changed your life
d) when you met someone who just...fit into your life
e) when you did it right
f) when you did it wrong
g) when you laughed until your sides hurt and you couldn't breathe
h) when you knew you were right
i) when you wanted to be wrong
j) when you changed everything
k) when you changed nothing
l) when you were happy
m) when you were content
n) when everything was just...perfect
o) when nothing was right...but it was all just right anyway
p) when tomorrow was forever away
q) when yesterday was as close as a breath
r) when today was never ending
s) when the distance didn't matter
t) when the earth stood still
u) when love was everything
v) when love just wasn't enough
w) when joy filled you up
x) when you just let go
y) when you just didn't let go
z) when you knew the very essence of you


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