Jan. 15th, 2013

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Today a group of us where I work took hats and scarves over to a community center near here that caters to underserved families in the Newark-Fremont-Union City area. I've been in a pissy mood all day. I'm still in a pissy mood, but now I feel even worse about it.

It's this tiny little building running a food pantry and clothing donation center. Just before we got there, a family of 11 came in for assistance. It kind of puts my current financial misfortune in a different light. Doesn't make it easier, but reminds me I've been in a worse place. Much, much worse.

It is very easy to forget how many people in today's society are reliant on the kindness of strangers for their next meal or to keep warm in this cold winter...or how easily it could be me again.

In other news, I have 11800 words of new J2 fic...that still has no sex. It was meant to have sex. So far there has only been handjobs. Tonight I aim to find the sex. Or work more on my afghan. You know...whichever happens first...which if I'm being honest will likely be the afghan. I am not feeling words or socialness right now.

In other, other news....um...boobies? I don't know. I'm tired and cranky and the day isn't over though it really should be.

So what about you? Any life altering observations? Any nifty ideas? Just no plot bunnies, I have enough of those on my own.


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