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So it occurs to me that I have largely forgotten about posting here again. I think about it now and then, but get distracted.

So, two different people reminded me today, and here I am.

I flail uncontrollably because my life is CRAZY.

Next weekend is Ladies Night, where we gather in a hotel to indulge in being women and by that I mean, drinking, talking, eating and other fun stuff.

Weekend after, I'm going to Tucson to see my [profile] darlinglisa and them Great Gig in the Sky boys.

Then, in June, I'm going to this Evolution Expo in Oakland. Three days of Sci Fi and Science with AMANDA TAPPING and Jason Momoa, among others. *flails* No, seriously, I am so excited. My crush on Amanda is nearly as big as my crush on Jeffery Dean Morgan. AND I'M GOING TO THIS THING ALONE!!! I have no idea how I'm gonna manage. I'm already shaking and panicking and TERRIFIED.

I'm fairly certain I will have at least one complete and total freak out. And I may say something to embarrass myself. If I get through meeting her without propositioning her or you know...wetting myself....I'll consider it a success.

*ahem* Okay, breathing now....

In August I'm heading to Florida for Steve Carlson's film in the Central Florida film festival there. And I'm considering attempting to get to England in November, if only for a long weekend.

In other evidence that my life is crazy, I continue working on videos for Mr. Carlson. I'm using pictures now that are crowdsourced, as sent to him by fans, as well as pics he's provided and pics from my own sizable collection. So...if you have any good pics of Steve languishing about on your hard drive, slap your credit on the bottom and send it my way.

To see the work I've done so far, check out Rocking Chair Entertainment's You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnp3SMiLP_WCdEcKhw-qcZw

Okay...what else? Hmmm...I seem to have lost my train of thought.....I know return you to your regularly scheduled Saturday...

Date: 2014-05-18 03:05 am (UTC)
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Hello! It's good to see you here. It sounds like you've been busy--but with good stuff, which makes me happy for you. Keep that up, okay? Good.


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