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I created my fic journal on DW yesterday and realized today that I might also want to do the same with this one...cause I kind of wanted to post about stuff and I don't do that on my fic journal.

Three weeks from today, I leave for England and ALL the shenanigans!

I'm in a class at work today and I'm freezing.

Still love my job. So. Much. Love. Working from home most days of the week is an awesome thing. I have to come into the office on Fridays, and on days like today when I needed to sit in on this class.

While in England I will also be looking up our shiny new London office, poking my head in to say hi.

Other than that, ALL THE SHENANIGANS!

And now I need to go find something hot to eat to warm me up.

ETA: I meant to post about the whole "new meds" and its effects earlier.

So I mentioned before that I was on new meds and one of the side effects was a lack of appetite and getting fuller faster.

This side effect continues. I am not keeping score pound wise (though the last visit to the doctor was 6 pounds)...however, my pants are all loose, though I'm not yet all the way down into the next size, and my brand new belt is almost in need of a new hole to be effective.

I'm sure the doc will weigh me when I see her on Tuesday, so I'll know how much more (if any) I've lost.

It is making packing for England harder, however...I never know which pants will fit.

And, in other news, new arm warmers/fingerless gloves came in the mail today. I'm a happy camper!
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