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So...yesterday as I was chatting with [ profile] badfalcon and letting Brain ramble, as Brain has a tendency to do, from one idea to the next...a whole SPN/Leverage crossover verse was spawned.

For those who don't know, Brain is my muse. She's...a whole entity unto herself. With her own emotions, a serious dark streak, and her own mind on just about everything.

I think it started because Brain was blathering about time travel...she'd bounced through a few ideas when she landed on the idea of John Winchester being sent back in time by the YED, rather than killed. The idea fleshed out to be that John's deal with Yellow Eyes was not for his soul, but that he had to give up hunting and he had to go where YED sent him and never contact his boys, who would think he was dead.

And, the YED, being a sadistic ass, sent John back in time to before Dean was born.

John, of course, checked in on himself and Mary first, watching from a distance...but the price of breaking his end of the deal was not just Dean's life, but Sam's too....and not just dead, but in hell. Eventually, John realized he was giving the YED exactly what he wanted by torturing himself watching the life he couldn't have and couldn't interfere with and he moved away, ending up in a diner in Kentucky where he meets a young woman with a smile that warms him and a gentle hand that tames him.

He doesn't hunt, but he still researches, leaves messages for other hunters. He doesn't seem to age, at least not until he reaches the date he left his original timeline. Brain handwaves this part. She hasn't decided what that's about.

He and this woman marry and take a new name. They have a son and a set of twin daughters and when his father-in-law passes, John inherits the little old hardware store. He works really hard at this second chance at father-hood, wants to give his family everything he never could give Sam and Dean.

He looks in on his boys though, from a distance. In fact, when we see John at Missouri's, telling her that it's too dangerous for him to be with his boys, that is actually this John, not then John.

Now, mind you, this spilled out of a random musing into fully back-storied fic in around 5 minutes. Maybe less.

And that's just the back story. The actually story takes place somewhat later, though Brain hasn't really decided exactly where it begins.

I'm telling you, I should sell tickets to the show that is Brain.

In other news, it's Friday. I'm in the office today. I'm feeling a little fragile emotionally today due to extreme PMS.

Also, I posted death fic last night. I know. I know. It's Leverage fic. Just...Brain got it into her head, and it's just better to let her go with it.

And...aside from that....I got nothing.

What about you?
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